Crazy Absurd Extremist Ramblings ooooooh scary!

I am a pretty passive observer these days when it comes to politics. I love politics, don’t get me wrong, but the last eight years have pretty much burned me out. It’s not all Bush Fatigue or whatever, it’s the whole system, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse it does. And the media coverage just makes the stomach acid approach my throat even faster.

I should admit to having Obama-mania. And it’s not just to impress my black girlfriend either (especially since she LOVES John Edwards… come on, fight the power girl!). But I am really taken with Obama. I know it’s been beaten to death but I imagine the way he makes me feel is the same general feeling that JFK had long before my time. And I also like the fact that he doesn’t have alot of experience, something his chief rivals bring up as his downside.

*Tangent alert: Level Orange*

I always thought it would be cool to have a physicist and engineer have a baby, and then raise that child in an environment that doesn’t have any cars. Never teach the kid about cars! And then when he has matured enough and has spent his life studying all sorts of scientific design, ask him to design a cheap box shaped thing to move people from one place to another that they control themselves. I bet it would be way better than cars that are out today.

*End tangent alert: Level Orange*

That’s the reason I like Barrack. I know what Hillary will do when she answers the phone at 3am, there is comfort in that, but it’s also too easy. I think if Obama was to get that call he would have the thinking of someone that thinks outside of just purely being a politician. Politics needs this, in my opinion, because politicians are terrible, terrible people. I think we can all agree on this.

So this brings me to the Pastor Wright hubbub that has sprung up over the last few weeks. I stayed away from it, in fact this blog post is the first time I’ve ever shared my feelings on the subject. Partly because they may seem shocking and because I would need alot of time and space to explain exactly what i mean, something you can’t really do in most political conversations with people. Another thing that has held me back is you never know what’s gonna stick in the political game, sometimes something like this blows over, sometimes it will dog someones career till the end of time. I’m still not sure where this Pastor Wright stuff will end up, but so far it’s sticking around to some extent.

I came across this lens on HMB tonight that argues that it will hurt Obama. In fact the writer seems to take quite a bit of joy in the fact that it will hurt Obama so it’s probably not the most fair and balanced *cough* thing on the Internet, but the beauty of HMB is that you can get right on his page and tell him why he is wrong.

I don’t think that Pastor Wright’s comments are a big deal and I also have zero issue with Obama going to that church. The thing about what Wright was saying is that it isn’t as “radical” as the media has made it out to be. This is the anger that alot of people in this country feel, from all races. It may not be a majority of people, but it certainly isn’t a fringe group either, and right or wrong we can’t just ignore that people feel this way. Wright basically says that this is a country run by rich white men (duh) and that poor people need to rise up and take the power back. How is this different that John Edwards (and his perfect hair my girlfriend loves so much…) said during his last two campaigns. There is alot of anger in this country from us poorer folks and we would like to not feel so helpless.

That said, I do not agree with Pastor Wright. I think he is off the mark, putting his anger where it really isn’t warranted. But we can’t ignore that this anger exists. I LOVE that Barrack knows that this anger exists, I love that he had a man so close to him that probably talked to him about it all the time. Being a politician we safely assume he is surrounded by yes men and fancy speech writers and stylists in the background filling him with all of this hope and everything is cheery and stay away from the bad people and smile at the camera etc etc etc etc. I love the idea that he went to church and heard some real anger about the world we live in, even though personally I don’t agree with the anger. Does this make any sense?

Do you think George Bush ever paid any mind to someone with the views of a Pastor Wright? I highly doubt it. I think maybe Hillary did in her earlier years but she left it all behind for her professional politician world. I certainly wouldn’t vote for Pastor Wright for president, but I do hope to vote for a man that atleast heard and felt a taste of that rage. I also hope he has people close to him (and in his cabinet if he is elected) that are far on the other side of the spectrum. Maybe Obama should sit down with Pat Robertson and George Bush should sit down with Pastor Wright. I think both men could probably learn alot.

Isn’t it time we elected a president that doesn’t brush these people off as extremists? I think deep hidden in even the most hideous of people there is a nugget of truth to be learned. Obama certainly isn’t Pastor Wright, he doesn’t think like Pastor Wright and he won’t be Pastor Wright as president, to think otherwise is really silly. But atleast he listened to him and maybe can figure out by including everyone a way to ease the rage that alot of poor (and mostly black) people feel.

I dunno, maybe I’m an extremist too or something. But, I also really, really love John McCain. He is one of the few politicians that I don’t think is full of shit and even when I don’t agree with him I know where he is coming from. I also love that he is willing to work with people all over the political spectrum to get things done. So I don’t think I’m a left wing nutjob, but who knows. I know my father thinks i am – haha.

Do you think that Obama deserves to be looked down upon for going to a church run by Pastor Wright? Let the world know what you think.


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