Calling all cars

Thanks to the fine folks over at squidoo featuring me in their blog my stats have been through the roof. I’m a huge baseball fan, Red Sox in particular, and also a huge RPG nerd… so yeah, stats excite me. Alot. A real lot.

I’m not just content with people checking this out and either liking it (and coming back, I hope) or not liking it. I want to get people involved. I have been bouncing a few ideas off some friends new and old and figured I’d just unload them on you all and get some feedback as to what people want to see.

My first idea is an offshoot of what I did with my last post (Dogs vs Cats) but taking it a bit further. That was my first post where I gathered up similarly themed HMBs and put it all together in a pile of awesomeness. To take it further I was thinking about featuring authors of certain lenses and maybe doing a roundup of their best work (mortimer style, of course) and maybe doing an interview with them about why they are doing what they are doing.

I am also thinking about doing a podcast, encompassing all of pop culture and then tying HMB into it where it fits. I’m not sold on this yet, but its floating around up in my silly head.

Some of my ideas revolve around the assumption that this blog is going to take off and people will want to be active. If this is the case I can do things like suggest arguments for people to HMB (I keep hearing that people are short on ideas for lenses). I can also do competitions and stuff. I even have an idea batting around in my head where I pose an argument here and you guys post your input on it and then we move it over to HMB and totally dominate the world (and the top 50 list) with our awesome lens.

Also, as I said in my “what the heck” section, I am willing to hear your pitch on why I should cover your HMB lenses (or even squidoo lenses, I’m not racist). So if you have some stuff up and you want a little boost, let me know. And if you have ideas let me know. And…and…and… if you hate what I’m doing let me know. This blog is about me, obviously, but I want it to be about us. The HMB community and general internet surfers everywhere. I would like to get anyone who wants to involved in any way that I can. So email me or comment on this post and let me know what you think!

*note: I totally just spelled checked this and didn’t spell any words incorrectly (other than alot, but i refuse to put a space in it). Woot woot! Those spelling lessons down on the boat really helped, dad!


4 thoughts on “Calling all cars

  1. Thanks for the enthusiasm, I’m feeling pretty good about this project. But I tend to overwhelm myself and am afraid of change. Maybe because im a taurus? I dunno, but branching this out more will be fun.

    I have a couple lenses I want to feature and will probably do them in the normal old school way. But look for me to try to experiment this week with how I cover HMB. And everyone please let me know what you think, because this is all about you guys 🙂

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