Going to make a podcast, I need your help

The idea of talking into a mic and rambling about the bullcrap that I like seems like fun. Will it be fun to listen to? I am guessing it won’t be, but it’s worth a try, right?

What I need to know is what people want to hear about? I plan on talking about pop culture stuff I like (Lost, Battlestar, music, videogames, etc) and maybe touching upon politics, though I don’t want to alienate any of my listeners (will I even have listeners?). I also love the idea of responding to “listener mail” so feel free to comment below on whatever and I can ramble about it. I will also, of course, talk about HMB, lenses I like, changes I would make, etc.

So, what makes a good podcast? What do you want to hear about? Do you just hate podcasts and will definitely not listen even if its 3 hours dedicated about how you, personally, are the greatest human being?

Let me know, internerd friends.


5 thoughts on “Going to make a podcast, I need your help

  1. I think you should read 1950’s household hints.

    “Teeth not white? Use powdered glass to gently buff away unsightly stains!”

    I’d download it.

    Or a weekly web poem review. I love poetry on the internet, it brightens my day when I find a truly wretched piece of work.


  2. Every episode should be accompanied by some of your awesome MS Paint work, and a section of the podcast describing your thought process in creating the painting–Bob Ross style!

  3. Ok.

    The first podcast is recorded. It’s a trainwreck, it has many many problems.

    1. It’s an hour long and I’m too self obsessed to cut any of it.
    2. It recorded kinda quiet, but I assume most people have volume control.
    3. I added intro and outro music, poorly.

    I did it all in one shot though, one hour straight of me talking going off of literally 5 lines of notes.

    The first section is about the blog and HMB and whatnot, then I talk some politics, music, tv and finally videogames. I now have it converted to MP3 on my desktop. It might be up soon, it might not, depends on how long it takes for me to find a hosting solution and how to integrate it into this page.

    Im not guessing it will be a huge hit, but hell I sat there and listened to the whole thing and I enjoyed it, so maybe 1 or 2 of you will also. I had fun doing it so that’s what is important, right?

    So hopefully it will be up very shortly, more likely it will take me a while to figure these last bits out.

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