Podcast #1 – Fumbling to the Top

The first ever famousmortimer podcast includes a rather lengthy discussion on how the blog is doing, and where it is heading, and what he wants from you all. Other topics include how the democrats have already lost the election, why the writer’s strike was good for Lost and why this final season of Battlestar Galactica is literally on fire. The program is ended with some videogame nerdery, a sort of reviewof Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and idle chatter on a myriad of other games including COD4, Team Fortress Two, Pixel Junk Monsters and more.

Podcast #1 – Fumbling to the Top

Either mouse over and use the little built in wordpress thinger to play it, or click the link and it should just sorta embed into the middle of an empty page. Good luck making it the full hour!


One thought on “Podcast #1 – Fumbling to the Top

  1. OH KAY!

    I am self obsessed, I’ve always known this, but this podcast has made it perfectly clear to me. But who gives a shit, right? So I have now listened to this podcast four times over the past two days. Here is my review of it:

    It starts off really weak. Part of it is confidence. Part of it that I wanted to get into what was going on with the blog, which is only semi-interesting (kinda like my first blog post is only semi-interesting… it sets the stage for the rest). Another part of it is that in my lack of confidence I stumble over words, I say um a lot, i say “you know” like 90000000 fucking times. It’s just a mess.

    Once I get off the blog topic and onto politics I think it picks up. It’s a topic I am passionate about and my tone picks up, the ums and ya knows happen less often and it moves at a better pace. It’s not great, but it is an improvement over the first 20 minutes which in my mind are quite poor.

    The same could be said about my talking about television, I found that part of the podcast to be pretty good. Of course I need to work on my delivery, less ums and whatnot, but it’s a decent first step. The whole part about music was completely a waste of time. I basically spend 2 minutes talking about why I can’t talk about music.

    The video game section is probably the strongest part. It’s basically the last 20 minutes if you just want to fast forward to it. My main issue is that between video game topics im like “uhhhh, what do I want to talk about next” which gives off the impression that if I have to think about it that it must not be very important. Another thing for me to work on.

    So, overall grade for the Podcast is: D-

    If you haven’t listened to it yet, but are somewhat interested, just skip the beginning, it sucks. Hop in at the 18 minute point or so. It might take a min or two for wordpress to have that much of it loaded so just open the window and go make a sandwich.

    And let me know what you guys think. I know it isn’t good! Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings. But feedback will help me make them better in the future.

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