I am a perfect 10

As I was wandering around Squidoo tonight I ran into a really interesting HeyMonkeyBrain debate on the concept of games getting a perfectt 10/10 score.  I found it interesting because not too long ago I wrote my own review of Grand Theft Auto 4 wondering how much of the overrating of the game was hype or if it was even more sinister.

The debate talks specifically about MGS4 and GTA4. Both have been given perfect scores from Gamespot.com in the last few months.  Two perfect games?  Really?   I can’t even comment on MGS4 because my PS3 broke last week.  The drive just stopped responding and Sony wants to charge me $150 to fix it, which I just don’t have right now.  But still, I find it hard to believe that the game deserves a 10/10.  Video game journalism has become so sensationalistic that it’s impossible to take any of it seriously anymore.

So check out the debate and let those suckers know what you think.

Also, if you are a fan of browser based MMOs (like Runescape) I found a lens on one called Fallen Sword. It looks pretty neat, I may just have to try it out sometime.   But check out the lens, get a feel for it and then go play the game for free.  Hooray free.

And, if you are one of the hundreds of thousands that picked up NinJa Gaiden 2, check out this lens for those tough as nails levels and boss fights. It is a great resource for your Ninjaing needs.


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