When the target audience knows more than the designers (aka Mik’s dream for the 360 dashboard 2.0)

Long time Mormon, smartass and podcaster Mik from The fanboys has written (with pictures) a very honest and smart post about the shortcomings of the current Xbox 360 dashboard and what he hopes Microsoft will do with it in the future.

The blog post is a piece of gamer geek genius (to the point that I am jealous, but it gives me something to strive towards).  He clearly outlines the design flaws with the current system (with graphs no less!!) and then dreams up how it could and should look in the future.   It is probably the smartest thing you will read about UI design on video game systems, which makes it a crying shame that it is coming from someone who has no control over any of it.   It’s almost sad that he (and with him sharing his knowledge with us…. we) know more about how it should function than the team at Microsoft working on it does.

Check it out, and if you are signed up at Digg.com digg it.  If you aren’t, sign up there, and then digg it.


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