Holiday weekend roundup

Kotaku is reporting that Microsoft is readying a price drop on the Xbox 360.  Evidently some intrepid Gamestop employee snapped photos of some sort of invoice with his cell phone camera.  A price drop makes sense, it’s been a while since there has been one, and it will force Sony to do the same with the Playstation 3, which I assume will be tougher on Sony financially with the more expensive to make console.   It’s good news for gamers though, as cheaper = better.   Now if only they would cut back the prices on games from $60 back to $50…

Personally, I am still balls deep into Battlefield: Bad Company.  I just flat out love this game.  After beating it on normal I started over on hard and I’m on the final level now.  I know this isn’t much of a feat to most gamers, but I tend to have videogame ADD and single player games especially just don’t grab me for more than one playthrough just about ever.   The last game I can think of that I beat twice was Mario 64, way back in 1853.  BF:BC is just that good, and the online is even better, even if it fails many of my commandments posted late last week.

I’ve also caught a bit of the World of Warcraft bug again, I guess for many reasons, but the two big ones is my inability to find a good guild and the fact that I have many good friends that still play WoW.  I do plan in the coming days writing a final WoW vs AoC piece that highlights what both games do right and wrong.

Also, a lens making contest over at Squidoo is still in the works, but with the holiday and all it’s been tough ironing out all the details, and I want to get them exact before setting this thing in motion.    But if you are a lensmaster, or someone who could whip up something cool for some sort of prize (probably a game of the winner’s choice…) Keep looking here.


One thought on “Holiday weekend roundup

  1. If you are going to play WoW for the first time or level a new toon to 70, now is the time. If you push it hard and get a toon to 70 in three months, you still have a few months left to get decent gear for your next grind to 80 or just to destroy the new 5 man instances.

    Also, more Wii please.

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