Insert annoying Wii pun here.

Well, a comment I got a few days back saying “more Wii please” got me thinking.  I really have been neglecting the system in my Squidoo roundups, so I figure it’s time to make amends.

Lets dive right in with Wii Fit.   Despite the fact that Nintendo continues it’s somewhat shady practice of not supplying enough of a product to create a larger demand, it can be found be some of the more intrepid shoppers. The game is receiving rave reviews from the gaming public at large, with it’s groundbreaking (literally?) “Wii-Board” or whatever they are calling it.   Most of my friends that have it love it though.  Word on the street is that it isn’t the best workout you will ever get, but it certainly is more of a workout than sitting on your couch and playing Paper Mario, which has been my favorite game for the system so far.   But, I must say, the fact that Nintendo can convince people to put a controller in their pocket and run in place and call that a mini game and people enjoy it….  well, the world exploding in 2012 doesn’t seem all that unrealistic.

Another huge title right now for the Wii is Super Smash Bros Brawl.  The game is a continuation of a series born on the Nintendo 64.  Basically it takes your favorite Nintendo characters, mixes them in with crappier Nintendo characters and lets you duke it out.   The action is fast and frantic, almost so much so that it loses a bit of strategy in the face of wild button mashing.   The game delivers a ton of fan service to long time Nintendo fans though, and people are eating this game up like hot cakes.   Which an episode of Ed recently taught me are both hot and cakes.

Mario Kart for the Wii is also another great use of your gaming dollar.   Coming with a rather cheap but effective wheel for you to put your Wii Remote into to simulate a steering wheel, it adds a new wrinkle to this tried and true franchise.  Other than that, not much has changed, it’s still the same Mario Kart we have been playing since the early 90s, good or bad.   For most it’s a good thing though, so I don’t blame Nintendo all that much for not reinventing the wheel.  Wait, they actually did do that, kinda.

And of course there is thefluffanutta’s insanely popular Top Games for the Wii lens, which is always sitting either at #1 or #2 in the top 100 lenses in the games category.

The final WoW vs AoC post is coming, I promise.


One thought on “Insert annoying Wii pun here.

  1. Other than going for walks, Wii is the best way I’ve found to get myself away from the computer and spend time with the wife. She likes board games and I like video games and Wii has a nice, simple selection of games that interest us both (WiiSports bowling). Couple that with titles I will never forget (Zelda), and the Wii becomes something more than just video console. It’s a legacy of proud Nintendo ownership and a non-sexual marital aid.

    I can’t say I know enough about other systems to make an informed opinion on them, but from past experiences with NES all the way to PS2, I find Wii has the easiest controller to use. I imagine playing GTA IV with the Wii remote and nunchuck: running with the nunchuck and using the remote/trigger to shoot then turning the remote sideways to drive a car.

    Smash Bros. is the most unimaginative of the Wii line up. Here you have this awesome contoller and they fail to use it to its advantage and the game comes off stale.

    What I find very compelling, and a big sales point for me, is the variety of group games like Mario Party, Big Brain Academy, Wii Sports, Carnival Games. Hitting the golden age of 30 and being married, you kinda need those group activity games. It’s better than playing Monopoly or some Guys vs. Girls board game.

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