NCAA 2009 Impressions

I’m not really a fan of summer.  In fact, I hate summer.  I hate being hot.  I hate sweating.   I hate getting burned.   I hate watching guys walk around with no shirts on.   There is nothing good on TV.   The only thing summer really has going for it is baseball and NCAA Football.

I grabbed NCAA on Tuesday and I must say that thus far I am really enjoying this year’s offering.   The gameplay is crisp and plays pretty wide open, even online.   In fact, online is really where this game excels.  Last year there was a very noticible button lag (and going into pause menus was a nightmare) but thankfully EA has cleaned that up and playing online this year is a much improved experience.   There is still a slight hint of button lag, but it’s completely playable, and you will adapt to it fairly quickly.  Well, I did at least, and I’m a pretty crappy gamer.

The big draw for this year’s release is online dynasty mode.   I am actually running one of these with some of my friends over at The Fanboys. I can’t comment much about this mode yet, as I’ve only messed around with it a little bit so far (our dynasty isn’t starting proper until next Tuesday).  But from what I’ve seen it’s basically the same as playing a multiplayer dynasty on your own console…  so I think it’s gonna be pretty cool.  It’s especially gonna make stuff like recruiting and all the off the field stuff have some weight and meaning to them, as we plan on running this thing multiple years.   In my single player dynasties I never really gave a crap about any of that stuff, but the prospect of competing for recruits with my friends as we all try to better our teams is gonna be a whole lot of fun.

I guess the single player create a player mode (sorry, I can’t even think of the name for it) is pretty weak.  But as you can tell, I really don’t give a crap as that mode means nothing to me.   NCAA football is good for one thing and one thing only… playing with your friends.  I mean, I do have a single player dynasty going currently, but it’s really what I care the least about.   The game being great online is what is really important, and thus far I am very happy with it.

Once I get to sink my teeth into the online dynasty mode I will write up some more detailed impressions.


One thought on “NCAA 2009 Impressions

  1. I’m typically not a fan of sports games and it’s the little additions to the game that really do it for me. How is the sports commentation? Is the juke and straight arm animation realistic? Did they put more into it than repackaging last years game, made it more playable, and put 9 on it instead of 8.

    You say it has some button lag but even less crappy and manageable means it’s still crappy.

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