Back in action!

Sorry for the long disappearance of any life on this blog.   It was basically the perfect storm of my computer exploding, my PS3 exploding, my 360 exploding and one of my co-worker’s face exploding resulting in me working 45-50 hours per week for the last month (I usually work 36…  and most of those are overnights, my job rules!).    Oh and I’ve been in “talks” with parties that will go nameless about stuff that will go nameless that keeps not coming.   Yeah, that sentence makes no sense.

But i’m back on the good foot.   I finally was able to purchase a new PC, a hasty decision that is likely to bite me since some money I thought I had coming in doesn’t seem to be coming in… but whatever!  I HAVE A NEW PC!   2.4 ghz Quad Core, 4gb ram, 64 bit vista and…. ON BOARD VIDEO!   YES!   Why onboard video, you may be asking?   Well, because that’s how the computer came and I planned on buying a new card before the expected ship date of October 6th.   But, to my surprise I checked the tracking two nights ago and evidently the factory is like 2 hours from my house… so it was shipped in one day and it arrived yesterday.   YES!   Actual computing on this thing is amazing, but as of now the onboard Nvidia 7050 just isn’t up to the task.  A cute girl that I sometimes have sexual relations with described it as “getting a new boyfriend and then finding out he only has one leg.”   My computer certainly is just hopping around in 3d applications…  but someday soon I’ll have a card worthy of this rig.   I can’t wait.

Also, on the same day, like 19 years after I shipped it out, I got my Xbox 360 back from MS.   Well, actually it wasn’t mine back, they just sent me a new one.   It’s much quieter!  But it’s already starting to make weird noises.  But not as weird as my old one.

Firing that sucker up I got a chance to really sink my teeth into NHL 09.  This game is flat out amazing.  The meat of the game is in the online “EA sports league” which is much more than just a normal sports game league.  You create a guy and distribute attribute points and play games of 2v2/3v3/4v4/5v5 or 6/6 against other clubs.  Clubs can have up to 50 members and you can have simultaneous club games going.   It’s really an amazing addition to the sports genre, it almost feels like a MMORPG where you are grinding your character up… but instead of battlegrounds its on the ice.    I played 3 games of 2v2 (the game is still 6v6, but the others are computer controlled and you can’t switch off of your player) with my drunken buddy Steve357.  We went 1-2, with the last loss being a heartbreaker in OT.   There was absolutely zero lag.  He says he has played a few 6v6 games and even those didn’t have a hint of lag.   This is an absolutely amazing job by EA.    I never thought I would utter those words.

I also was able to jump back into my online dynasty in NCAA Football 09.  A friend of mine named Vodkuhh took over admin duties and my team while I was out of action and he got me a bowl birth.  Thanks man!

I see that a ton of stuff has come out that I need to get my hands on and blog about here.  The Force Unleashed looks fun.  Duke Nukem 3D, one of my favorite shooters of all time is up on the XBLA…  and a neat beatem up named Castle Crashers looks like tons o fun also.   And once I get a card for my PC I can get back on the PC gaming horse, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Crysis: Warhead makes my computer explode.

So…. I’m back.  I’m still working a lot, but I will be post regularly again now that I have systems to actually play games on.   Sorry for the short vacation there.

Oh and one last word…  the Socom: Confrontation beta has been a ton of fun.  The game still has serious issues but they don’t stop me from losing hours at a time playing.  I’m very happy with the job Slant Six has done on this game.

And a final, final word…  I will have an update from the Wrath of the Lich King beta up in the next few days, within the week at the longest.  In short:  It’s good, not amazing.


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