Flower Trophy List and Guide

Last night I started a thread over on the PSN boards gathering info to make a Trophy Guide for Flower.   It quickly got a ton of responses and collectively we have made a fairly functional guide considering how obtuse the trophy descriptions are.   So here is the guide with the PSN names of those who added to it.  The formatting is a little messed up copying it from there to here, but hopefully this will help some folks get the trophies done in this exquisite game.   Also, I should have a full review of the game up shortly, with DickyJ giving his take which as of last night seemed very different from mine.

(Gold) Dream
Beyond all flowers lies another room.     Explanation:  Find all three special flowers on each level.  –D4RK_P4SSENGER

(Silver) Nature
Bloom 10,000 flowers.   Explanation:  Easy enough, fly through 10,000 flowers.   Seems to me that level 3 with that fast canyon would be best for this.

Completely awaken the city.           Explanation:   Urban: when you reach the city, open every flower and destroy piece of debris, when you’ve done enough the buildings will turn white (or colors).  I just went slow and made sure that everything was bright and sunny.  it unlocked before the final tower.  —  Happy_stick

Further info from Truukk:  Make sure you knock all the power line holding looking things down. Make sure every building on the top is some flowers bloom them. There are some swing sets on the ground also make sure you go through them. Youll go on a road looking place. Make sure you hit the stuff on the road. And while going to the last part of the map knock all the stuff hanging on the buildings down to repaint them

(Bronze) Memories
Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room.                 Explanation:  On any level, put down the controller for three minutes   — Happy_stick

More Info from Rigormortis01: Hit Select to go to the screen saver during a level, wait 3 minutes for your trophy.

(Bronze) Palette

Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors.         Explanation: Palette: I believe its the level before the windmills, I’d have to look again.  In this level your flowers all turn one color when you fly over some rocks, do it 3 times with the thre colors and fly around the grass.  –Jayhawk_Jake

Further Info from Truukk:  Thats correct. When you get the first rock to open and the ground changes color fly between the rock to turn blue. Fly around and paint the ground till it wears off. then go start picking up the next set of flowers and do the same thing till you get the trophy.  Its the second level, The red flower pot

More Info from Rigormortis01: Level 2, towards the end, there are rock formations with flowers.  Open up the flowers around the formation, and the formation will have a swirl of colored air.  This will make all of your petals into one color, and you can paint the grass.  Do this with 3 different colors/rock formations.

(Bronze) Wind
Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times.             Explanation: Wind: fly to the top of the windmills, if you hit it right it will give you a boost and make a sound.  I unlocked it at the end of the canyon. –Happy_stick

Further explanation from Truukk:   Ok I just got the Wind trophy. All you have to do is go go the very far left flower pot the pink one. Get one windmill going, and just fly right in front of the wind lines  that its blowing out 7 times and you get the trophy. youll know when you do it right cause youll get some quick speed when it blows you around

Light a darkened pool.                          Explanation: Illumination: ON the first level with the hay bales and power lines, theres a pond off to the left of I think the second area you light up.  Fly around over it and it will light up and you’ll get a trophy  — Jayhawk_Jake

Further info from Rigormortis01:   Level 4 are 2 pools, fly low over them until the trophy pops up.

More info from Truukk:   Also on the forth level. When you get to the last light pole during the first part of the level. To go your left just a bit fly around some and youll see a pond, Just fly around in a circle on the pond and youll get the trophy

(Bronze) Pure

Journey to the city unscathed.              Explanation: You must not hit any of the metal objects that electrocute you on the power line levels.   Submitted by Truukk

(Bronze) Stars

Release all of the names to the sky.       Explanation:  Go through every name flower on the final credits level (all the way to the right in the room, its a picture in a frame)

(Bronze) flOw
Life could be simple…       Explanation:  In the canyon, stay hard left and you will get sucked into an underground cave, stay right in the cave.  –Happy_stick

(Bronze – Hidden)Welcome Back
Highlight to show >>Play the game after a week long break.       Explanation:   Self explanatory.

Further info from Rigormortis01:  You can also just set your date to one week in the future, start Flower up and you will get this.

(Bronze – Hidden) Healthy Play
Highlight to show >>Take a ten minute break between any dreams.   Explanation:  Pause the game for 10 minutes.

(Bronze – Hidden) Beginning
Highlight to show >>The dream has just started…    Explanation: Find 3 Green Flowers in any level, they will be depicted by the green petals on each flower pot. — Rigormortis01

(Bronze – Hidden) Discovery
Highlight to show >>Find and bloom a secret flower.   Explanation:   There are a few hidden flowers.  I found one on the second level, about halfway through, up a hill.  Kinda hard to describe.  Anyone have any clearer directions? – Mort

Additional info from Monsignor:  If you get enough random flowers (the ones without the glowing orb around them) it will sprout a patch of green/torquoise flowers.  Bloom those to get the “Secret Flower”.  Also, you may notice on some of your flower pots you’ll see a lone leaf.  There are three leafs for each level.  Each leaf represents that you have found a “Secret Flower” in that level.

More info from Truukk:   Update on the green flowers. On the forth level. The blue flower pot. When you start the map and whatnot. And you start the process on turning on the lights, right before you get to the hay stacks. go north I believe it is? There are a few hay stacks by themselves one of  them has a green flower behind it. Its very easy to find

Hidden flower locations, taken from THIS THREAD.  All credit goes to Yosho-Sama, madcrabs and Landulf .

Level 1

1. Collect all the pink flowers in the first area to spawn first flowers.

2. Collect all the pink flowers in the second area to spawn next flowers.

3. Behind the rocks behind the dead tree.

Level 2

1. Follow the winding path of red/yellow flowers to spawn the flowers.

2. In the area with the different colored grasses, complete the area and before leaving, circle round to the beginning to see a new branched area, follow to flowers.

3. In the final area, follow the left side of the opening towards the valley top and you’ll encounter the flowers just short of the top.

Level 3

1. In the first area of the level, the flowers to collect are indescribable as there are so many, so just go after every flower you can until you see the flowers.

2. In the first area of the level, the flowers to collect are indescribable as there are so many, so just go after every flower you can until you see the flowers.

3. Just after the canyon area, after being freed, turn to the left and it’s on a cliff wall.

Level 4

1. Behind a haybale in the first area. follow the paths in the level to find it, it is far away from everything.

2. Approach the overturned wagon to make them appear.

3. Before completing the final “puzzle”, illuminate the pond closest to it. From the spiral puzzle, face the over-turned wagon and the pond is just to the right. The flowers will appear after illuminating it. (Thanks to Landulf!)

Level 5

1. At the start, turn around and follow up the hill then follow the section that thurns into a valley. The flowers are in the valley. (Thanks to madcrabs!)

2. In the area with the three towers, collect flowers from the non-key towers. This will cause some of them to fall over. (caution, if they fall on you you will take damage!) At the base of one of the fallen towers will be newly spawned flowers. (Thanks to Landulf!)

3. After the part with the three towers, enter the maze area and keep taking the right path and looking behind you as you do, the flowers are tucked away in a small space. (Thanks to madcrabs!)

Level 6

1. In the second area with the playground set, fly into one of the tallest buildings, with the hole in the roof and find them on the horizontal beam.

2. On the expressway area, follow the road to the underramp to the underground area where the green flowers will be.

3. In the area with the buildings with giant twisted pieces of metal jutting out of them, just before the ending, behind one of the air conditioning units.

More info from the great Yosho-Sama:

In addition, the colors of the flowers you collect also have significance.

Bright Green = Secret flowers.

Whitish Pink = Used for discovering secret flowers, but there are also some that have no use.

Pink = Speed flowers, these speed  you up as you fly through them.

Red Flowers  = Used for level progression

Blue-green Flowers = Used for level progression

Yellow Flowers = Used for level progression


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