Awaiting 2/26’s Releases… (which never showed up)

Update 3:

Today the folks at Sony graced us with NO PSN games.  None.   There is a PSP game, but no PSN games.   My tinfoil hat theory is that they want *NOTHING* getting in the way of tomorrow’s Killzone 2 release.   Even to the extent of a $10 download.    I may be wrong, but that is what makes the most sense to me.

I am personally bummed.  There are a bunch of PSN games coming “soon” that I want, badly.  Also, on a personal note, this site has been picking up quite a bit of momentum and not having any new games is a punch to the stomach.   But DickyJ and I already talked and we plan on using the time to catch up on old games we haven’t covered yet, and possibly try some new ideas out.   Also, you may have noticed earlier this week that Billybillblack debuted what will be his weekly column called  “Dear games.”   I have already read what he has planned for next week, and if you are a fan of laughing at the more grotesque parts of life, it will be right up your alley.  Also, debuting this Tuesday will be my weekly column, which I’m still working on a title for, but it will be about the gaming industry at large, the problems I see with it, the hope I have for it, and other rambles about shit that isn’t PSN related that I am playing.

We are also working on the technical side of getting a podcast up and running.   Once the logistics are worked out you can expect to see those out of us on a regular basis.    So, while I am bummed about my lack of new PSN titles to play, and lack of *new* things to write about this week, the future of this site is pretty damn bright.    

Below this bolded text is the sort of running blog I had going waiting to find out what games were coming this week.   It’s old news now, but I’ll keep it for posterity’s sake.


We are eagerly awaiting today’s PSN releases, but as of yet there is no word from the Playstation Blog what they are going to be.   There is a rumor floating around the net that it is going to be both Burn Zombie Burn and Bomberman Ultra.    That would certainly be a double dip of complete awesomeness. 

Keep an eye here, as soon as the games go live we will be all over them and have impressions up as soon as we possibly can.   First impressions are usually flippant, but it may help if you are on the fence about buying a game.    

And needless to say, Killzone 2 drops tomorrow.    I know a few folks who got it early and they assure me that it absolutely lives up to the hype.   Good news for PS3 fans, we finally have the Halo killer that Killzone 1 promised to be many moons ago.    Though word from my undercover nerds is that the game is a bit more realistic than Halo, going for more tried and true military weapons instead of laser guns and the like.   More like Gears of War in the first person.   I personally can’t wait, I am scouring my area for a 24 hour Walmart or something so I can actually pick it up tonight.

And MLB 09 on tuesday.   It is a good time to be a gamer.


Update 1:

Ign seems to think that Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is coming out today.   I know it’s out for the PC, and shipping for the DS, but haven’t heard a solid date for the PS3 or 360 versions.    Heck, maybe the 360 version might be out already.  Hold on, let me fire that piece of crap up (please note that I love plenty of 360 games, the piece of crap comment is about how every time I turn on my 360 I expect it to explode into a million pieces).

Nope, not there yet.   But, anyhow, I was a huge HUGE HUGE fan of the first Puzzle Quest, so if that indeed comes out tonight I will be freakin’ psyched.


Update 2:

Evidently the European store got zero games this week.    This doesn’t mean we won’t, because even downloadable games often come out on different weeks between the US and Europe…  but it’s enough to make me nervous.    And 5pm est has come and gone without an update to the store or anything on the PSblog.  So I will continue to wait here, refreshing everything over and over until this update arrives.    Do I sound like a crackhead?


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