I admit, I am new to the Battlestar universe. I queue’d the first disc on Netflix only a couple months ago. Being an immense Star Trek nerd, I have heard the praises of BG for some time. “What,” they would say, “you don’t watch BG?” Sadly, I always answered, “no.” I don’t have cable and was yet to learn the awesome that is Netflix. All the time wasted. Its like the moment a man first fires a handgun. “What the hell have I been doing shooting clay pigeons?”

I will save the “fanboying” for another post, but the show is the cat’s meow. The bees’s knees. The Ninja’s star, as it were. The series is perhaps the best thing since Star Trek. Well, wait, yes. It is the best thing since Star Trek. From the CGI, to the writing, BG is a homerun. Damn near perfect in fact. Which leads to the ultimate point of this:

Where is the Battlestar Galactica game?

I am sure that I am not the only nerd on the interwebs searching for that dream. It practically writes itself. The game could have everything. Role playing, ship flying, shooting, point and click, driving, RTSing, resource management, real character development, branching story lines, everything. EVERYTHING!

Thinking of this gem, I can think of only one company to take on such a project. Only one company consistently produces titles worthy of the IP. One company that would instantly silence the fanboys like myself. One company to rule them all, both human and cylon.


Yes, take a moment to absorb the brilliance that is a Bioware Battlestar Galactica title. I can wait.


Awesome huh? It is as if they are destined to make this. All of the other titles and progression have been building towards this specimen of gaming. Real Darwinian shit folks. My buddy Mort made a good point, we grew out of Star Wars long ago. It wasn’t the recent movies that brought Star Wars back into my day dreams, it was Knights of the Old Republic. My number one game of all time (not counting asteroids of course).

I can only dream of a three part, 90 hour adventure that allows me to nerd out for 15 replays. Between KotOR and Mass Effect, I bet I have dropped the equivalent of one week of my life, and I am not alone. A game of this magnitude could actually cause that series to get the respect it deserves. Keep you ewoks and senate debates. I long for a blonde bombshell whispering in my speakers as I decimate toasters.

Alas, I am just dreaming here, but isn’t that what the interwebs are for?




  1. There actually is a battlestar game on XBL which is just a stupid space ship shooter. Who in the goddamn world takes the battlestar license and makes merely a shooter!??!

    If any game gave me the option to frack Roslyn, I would buy 1 million copies.

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