What Thursday will hold…

Earlier today Capcom finally released the trophy patch for Age of Booty.   I am personally excited about this because I’ve been holding off on playing the game until the patch was released, thinking that was going to happen months ago.   But anyway, it’s finally here.

Watchmen: The End if Nigh and Puzzle Quest: Galatrix are certain to be released tonight…  with a wealth of other games that are strong “maybes.”   So today could be a very, very, very good day for the PSN.   It needs it, especially after the disappointment of last week not having a single game when there are so many games a lot of us are waiting for.

So sit tight and get ready for what might be one of the biggest PSN days of the year.



Update  9:30pm Est…


Well, today sucks.  On many levels.  Not the least of which is that Watchmen is the only game that came out this week.   WHERE THE HELL IS PUZZLE QUEST?   WHERE THE HELL IS BURN ZOMBIE BURN?   WHERE THE HELL IS BOMBERMAN?   WHY THE HELL DID I AGREE TO WORK ON THURSDAYS!?!?  WHERE THE HELL IS FAT PRINCESS?


Anyway…  we will have impressions, then a full review and a trophy guide up for Watchmen over the coming days.   It better be pretty freakin’ awesome to justify that $20 price tag.





Argh.  Today sucks.


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