Patch 1.41 coming to Socom: Confrontation on Monday. Killzone 2 patched today!


Over at they announced that patch 1.41 will be releasing Monday to coincide with the release of the game in Europe early Monday morning.   It’s not nearly as huge a patch as 1.3 was, but it does contain some important fixes.    Here’s the notes from their blog:


XMB presence – Medley Game information has been abbreviated, displaying all information required to identify the location of the player. 

Late Join ‘Hitch’ improvements – addresses the pause experienced by players when someone late joins a game. 

Navigating Screens With Large Clans – slow down issue fixed

Increased speed of fade at the beginning of the round.

Quick Match –

Increased countdown timer in Quick Match Pre Game lobby from 20 to 60 seconds.

Enabled Quick Match team switching.

Ranked, Unranked and Unranked Respawn games, each contains 6 different playlists: 3 8vs8 and 3 16vs16 players.

Claymores can now be detonated when player is in the prone position




Also, I was greeted to a new patch weighing in at just 15mb for Killzone 2 this evening.  I have not seen any patch notes anywhere, but one thing this patch absolutely does is FIXES THE CONTROLS!   There have been many complaints over the last few days about how “heavy” the controls felt.   Well, Guerrilla listened and fixed it.  The controls feels absolutely natural now.   Good stuff.




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