Age of Booty review – Not a Ratchet & Clank game

When I was 11 years old, a doctor told me it would take unusual force to break one of my bones. He said I could play harder than the boys at school, and when I got older, I could take on more strenuous work. But in 1989 the Gameboy came out, so I couldn’t be bothered.

Actually, that never happened. My name is mightybones for a wholly different reason. The name comes from the Greek term Piratecus G mightycus bonesies, meaning pirates are harder than gods. And Age of Booty does much to remind us of that.

X marks the spot...or hex

X marks the spot...or hex

Age of Booty looks like Calling All Cars but plays like a German board game. What’s not to love. Well, your AI teammates are not to love. More on that later. In AoB you control just one ship. You direct it to either collect resources, attack merchants for their curses (magic attacks) or occupy and defend towns for which to pillage. The latter being the object of the game. Teams of two to four provide cannon fodder for one another, as well.  
In single-player missions, if you’re not babysitting your AI-controlled teammates, you’re not winning. And I hate it when a game doesn’t give you full control of your squad. But it’s evident this game was made with multiplayer in mind, so you can’t overly fault them for this.

Right now on the PS3’s network, it isn’t too easy finding a game (in random match-ups I often played with the same people). I imagine this not being as much of a problem on the 360. Though, If you have friends that are interested in the purchase, it should not be an issue. If you have friends locally you board game with, AoB is deep. With the intuitive custom-map creator and highly-configurable settings, this could be the only way to play for most. I preferred playing locally due to this mode’s freedom to choose your AI’s behavior in the pre-game menu. But that’s just me.

4 old ladies with eyepatches / 7


Dick’s Take:

I really enjoy this game. I can only describe it as a rather simple Real Time Strategy type concept. After playing through the entire single player campaign, I was left craving more. Online multiplayer is a letdown, due only to the lack of a player base. I was stuck waiting on a match for a good half an hour in prime time. Go buy this game and add me to your friends list so we can play!


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