Two games out today…

Both the world war II shooter Red Baron and arcade shooter Astro Tripper were released on the PSN tonight.  Red Baron has a demo available and costs $10.   Astro Tripper doesn’t have a demo, but it’s only a cool $5.


We will have impressions, trophy lists and full reviews coming for both games over the coming days.

3 thoughts on “Two games out today…

  1. I know, it’s absurd. I’m not really feeling Red Baron at all, but it really is a ton of game for $10. There’s like 30 levels and 8 player multiplayer… but it doesn’t have trophies, even though sony said all games after 1/1/09 would have them.

    Astro Tripper is a lot of fun though. It’s the perfect $5 game. Pick it up and play for about 10, 15 minutes at a time, turn it off, feel satisfied. Good stuff.

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