Rag Doll Kung Fu: Trophies and News

Its all in your mind.

It's all in your mind.

Rag Doll Kung Fu is due out on PSN April 9th 2009. This is a port of a computer game that came out in 2005. This game is described as such on the games website.

“Imagine having a Kung Fu Fight with string puppets, except you don’t have to worry about getting the strings tangled up, and you don’t have to have a kung fu fight.”

We all know how annoying getting into a kung fu fight can be. Hopefully this will satisfy our thirsts for fists of fury.You can try out the demo on Steam right now. This demo is easily accessible from this website.

Rag Doll Kung Fu Demo

You will need to have Steam installed on your computer already in order to try this game out before April. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then the trophy list here will have to do.

(Bronze)Rag Doll Apprentice
Earn bronze on all challenges

(Silver)Rag Doll Expert
Earn Silver on all challenges

(Gold)Rag Doll Master
Earn Gold on all challenges

(Bronze)Learning the Ropes
Play all four Multiplayer Game Modes

(Bronze)Mover and Shaker
Execute every motion sensor-based move

(Silver)Combo Meal
Hit an opponent in the air with all three special attacks before the opponent lands

(Bronze)Annoying Acrobat
Swing from one place to another and damage an opponent in between

(Bronze)Let Me Down!
Hit an airborne player with three consecutive Lightning Balls

(Silver)Fishy Billiards
Score a goal by shooting the fish into the basket with a Lightning Ball

Secret Trophy

Secret Trophy

Secret Trophy


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