PSN Store 03/19 : FUBAR

This is usually where we would tell you about the games that came out this week. Possibly, how we will get the trophy information, guide and review up as soon as we can. Well, the bad news this week is that the Call Of Duty World at War map pack has been released and it is causing major hang-ups with the store.

I did happen to notice that Wheel of Fortune was released with trophy support. It costs $14.99, which seems pretty high. I’ll be picking it up as soon as I can manage to stay in the store more than 10 seconds.

Also this week we have a Killzone 2 pack for LittleBigPlanet which I believe contains only stickers and costumes. No surprise, it’s not free.

Expect more info soon.

3 thoughts on “PSN Store 03/19 : FUBAR

  1. You know, we started this site because we love the PS3 and the downloadable games and shit…. yet they haven’t given us a reason to write a positive story in weeks.

    Get your shit straight, Sony!

  2. same here. I write a blog and post things. However there isn’t a lot out there to write about at times. I try to make mine geared toward all three systems but I find Sony’s news more worthy. . . at least whenever they have some

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