PSNerds Podcast #5 – PSP GO: Sony collects our $200

In a Perfect World

In this week’s podcast the PSNerds actually have a new release on the PSN to talk about with Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. They also delve into the multiplayer fun of the Cops and Robbers add-on for Burnout Paradise. Old games get finished, Billy talks about a bunch of games that Pete and Rich have never heard of and they lament the death of 3D Realms. The nerds also break down how dangerous it is for Mort to have your phone number as he walks around Brooklyn at 2am and how awesome anything with a touch screen is.

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8 thoughts on “PSNerds Podcast #5 – PSP GO: Sony collects our $200

  1. Heavy Rain, Billy. Heavy Rain. It does look incredible. And I loved Indigo Prophecy, so I’m down for whatever Quantic has brewing.

    For what it’s worth, I’m on Richy’s side with regard to the PSP: I don’t want a second analog nub. I’d much rather have games that make sense for the platform than ports of console games wedged on there to cash in on their brand. Give me Killzone Liberation, Jeanne D’arc, Field Commander, Castlevania: Dracula X, Hot Shots Golf, etc. Keep the FPS.

    And I’m with Pete on Mass Effect. So generic. Bleh.

    Good show, dudes.

  2. HEAVY Rain. I am a jackass. I realized it later that night. Fail.

    I am still playing Jeanne D’arc. I love that game.

  3. LMFAO @ the end. Using the voice changer to make billy and I sound like girls while talking about cooking is fucking hysterical. I hate you and you’re a cock, but holy shit that was funny.

  4. My boss walked in when I was listening to that for the 3rd time.
    “What the F are you listening to,” he asked.
    “Well sir, thats me and my buddy talking on our podcast.”
    “Why do you sound like that?”
    “My buddy puts in funny things after the show credits”
    “Is that before or after your fired.”

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