Rag Doll Kung Fu is Free on the PSN?!?!

Looks like it’s true! Brought to you by Sprint. Log on to the PSN store and download this game for free. See our trophy guide here.

Paid downloads for the week include Texas Cheat’em, a Hold’em style poker title where the catch is cheating is allowed, for $9.99. Also we have Zen Pinball for $9.99, pinball is pinball and I think everyone knows what to expect here. Pinball.


10 thoughts on “Rag Doll Kung Fu is Free on the PSN?!?!

  1. Only because you are ranked in it lol! and that whole boy hood dream of being on a pro gymnastics team.. but we won’t get into that now

  2. Isn’t it acrobatics? Either way, the mode easily makes the entire game worth it, worth the price of free, that is. And while the mode smacks of an iPhone game, there’s something that just feels so right about the way it controls with the dualshock.

    And Dick, I’m in hot pursuit of your score…

  3. I think it’s a pretty amazing game except for the fact that I have absolutely zero interest in playing it solo… and it’s not online. So, uh, yeah… I haven’t fired it up since the week it came out.

    Can’t beat free though. What did they do, throw a bunch of sprint ads in it?

  4. @mort… I downloaded it for free and only saw Sprint ads in the PSN-store space for the game–none in the actual game so far. Not that I would care too much if there were ads. The game is already ridiculous as it is, and I couldn’t care less about the believability of the Rag Doll world.

  5. @mort & michael… In a way, I feel the game is online because of the leaderboards. The fighting is the weakest part of the game, I feel. Now, beating Dick’s score in some of the challenge games is online enough for me.

    I just wish you could see the leader’s score without navigating the leaderboards menu. Why aren’t more games doing that?

  6. Well, for me this is the week it came out, as I just downloaded two days ago for freeness. We’ll see if I’m still interested in five days. I’m barely interested now.

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