Zen Pinball Impression

The quality of mine is quite poor, my normal video recording software doesn’t work with windows 7,  but here is my video take. -Mort


8 thoughts on “Zen Pinball Impression

  1. Billy, good job with the review. Constructive criticism: Maybe have shown some of the other tables. If you could have. Do they need to be unlocked?

    The game looks like a great time waster to play after a long gaming session. I will consider picking it up. I have a few pinball collections on the PS2.

  2. I have had fun with it but can’t help and wish it was a little more over the top. I am still working out what I mean by that, but for $10, its tough to really have any significant complaints.

    I do think this program may be the most realistic game of computer pinball I have ever played. It has that tight, smooth roll that a real life table does so well.

  3. There are other tables that don’t require unlocking, but this was my first trial with recording game footage. I didnt want to spend too much time with it until after I saw how it would end up looking on youtube. See, if I record in HD with my webcam, the frame rate falls apart. I kept it at VGA and it seemed to work fine.

    Perhaps I will record more video of the other tables and Mort can put together an actual review in his proper hardcore fashion.

  4. I tried the demo and it might be an instant purchase for me. I like pinball, even though I may not be good at it in real life. I hope this game has a lot of dlc like it says it might.

  5. Good shit mort. I didn’t realize that there were game saves. If I didn’t play like a mutant with no fingers, I would take advantage of that.

    You said something that sparked an idea for me. You said they should have worked with Sony for an Uncharted level. I am going to take that one step farther and say “all” the tables should be themed off real things. Most tables I see are Adams Family, South Park, Hanah Montana. I really think that the game would sell better if the DLC was something like that in lieu of the random that shipped with the game.

  6. Gonna have to pick this one up. Everything I’ve read states that this is better than their Pinball FX outing on the 360 XBLA and enjoyed that quite a bit. One of my guilty pleasures is real pinball and I love a good video pinball. The best game going, though, is Williams Pinball Hall of Fame on the PS2. I play it regularly. Has some real old school tables that play real to life. Love it!

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