PSNerds Podcast #8 – It’s Mik!

Thanks Mik

Featuring the internet sensation Mik from The Fanboys, the nerds discuss Tiger Woods, Infamous, Trash Panic, Parachute Panic, NCAA 10, Prototype and various other games. Listen in as Mik discusses (vaguely hints at) the possible future of the Fanboys website.

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To open or Not to open: Part 1

I just picked up a copy of Tiger at the local Target. The idea of 1:1 swing recognition really interests me. Playing as poorly in the virtual world as I do in the real one sounds great. The question I now have is if I really want to play hours of tiger standing up. I mean, I golf twice a week as it is. I must also consider that this could be a really fun drinking game. Not since Boom Blox has wii game so enticed my drunken spirit.

To open or not to open?

Burnout: Big Surf

As I sat in my boxers last night, sweating as my bare legs stuck to my office chair, I realized that the new Burnout: Big Surf Island is totally worth the money. At first look, I have to admit I was a touch underwhelmed. “That’s it,” I recall asking myself. How wrong I was. I have spent nearly 5 hours searching for billboards, crash gates, and mega jumps. Five hours without even trying more than a couple events. Wonderful!

The island itself is admittedly small in comparison to the rest of Paradise City. Like most things, looks are deceiving.  The island is incredibly dense, packed with ramps, shortcuts, platforms, hidden areas, and fun. The island itself is somewhat split between and a city area and an out of town vibe, similar to the whole of Paradise City. Superjumps are replaced with “Mega Jumps” while crash gates, billboards, and events stay the same.

The island does seem to be a touch more vertical than its counterpart. Many of the billboards and jumps can only be attained after a bit of vehicular platforming. As ridiculous as that sounds, it is the islands strong point. Fellow nerd SneakyTurtleEgg and I had a great time stair stepping across roof tops in order to reach certain jumps and billboards. Great fun. I would advise that a group of friends purchase this together so that the exploring can be done together, either local or online.

Keep in mind, this download follows the evergrowing trend of throw away software now forming in the gaming world. Not to say this is a bad thing, just understand that the replay value is very low once collectibles and events are finished. I know that my play time across the bridge will end within the next week or so. That said, I want more content of this type. Ten dollars for a good weekend of gaming is perfect. They could release eight more islands and I would buy them all.

In the end, if you are a burnout fan, why are you reading this and not riding the Big Surf.