PSNerds Podcast #7 – Sans Dodd

Featuring PGmighty sitting in for Peter while he helps make a movie. The nerds discuss all things E3 and much more.

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9 thoughts on “PSNerds Podcast #7 – Sans Dodd

  1. I loved the last level of World at War. Even though it was sort of challenging, it was totally unique to all CoD games inasmuch as YOU were part of the overwhelming force. You had the numbers and you were just romping through the city, mopping up Nazis. It felt great.

    If you’re thinking of a new Blu-Ray player, Billy, I still think the PS3 is the way to go. You can stream Hulu, Netflix, Gametrailers, YouTube, ESPN, etc. in addition to whatever movies you have on your PC, plus all your music and photos, plus you’ll have a web browser. Not to mention you’d have a second TV to play games on, if the need arises.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention, Fuel is pretty poor. Aside from roaming the landscape–as you mentioned–there’s very little fun to be had. Once you’ve played Burnout and Motorstorm, a game like Fuel is much to lumbering and ponderous to be considered a good time. I still get some enjoyment out of listening to podcasts as I traverse the landscape, but it’s a rather sleepy game.

  3. So, it turns out recording a podcast is hard. I came off as wholly unprepared while being a little too eager to respond. There’s a definite rhythm to it that takes some practice. I have even more respect for the natural flow that Rich, Bill and Pete exhibit… not to mention the growing respect for my other favorite podcasts.

    Speaking of which… any tips, mik?

  4. I thought you were great, dude. And not just because you’re the only one whose voice I can tell apart from the others. 😉

    I hope they have you on again. You bring a different perspective–and more perspectives are a good thing.

  5. wow. thanks man. And I swear I wasn’t just fishing for compliments. I honestly think my “uhu” comments (in confirmation during other’s monologues) came off as ameturish, and plus, it’s super hard liking one’s voice upon hearing it in conversation with others, especially when speaking in emotional extremes, such as: “I HATE the controls in GTA4.”

    Anyway, much bro-love to the Fanboys.

    …and I’m digging Rich’s new trend of opening the show with colorful sketches.

  6. I am also the one who likes man loads and such as stated in the first few minutes. Although this is common knowledge, i just wanted to make sure all were aware. Either way.

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