This is out for the wii. I am driving to Gamespot and ….whaaat? I need to find this. Dammit. They better have this…

where I found it


5 thoughts on “Whhaaattt???

  1. Dude, I bought this game for the PS2 ironically, like, five years ago. After the laughs were spent, I was happy that Gamespot still accepted open returns.

    The box art is astonishing…. those eyes.

  2. But this is on the Wii. The first “anything” i have really been genuinely excited about. In my mind, since they don’t care about the hardcore, why not give me titles like this. I agree, it would be crap on the PS2, but with the wii, I am actually aiming. Wonderful.

    This has me thinking…..where the hell is Duck Hunt?

  3. no… this will still be crap (it’s FMV, for god sake). There will be points where you think you shot the guy but it’ll register as him getting the best of you instead, because the trigger points are loose.

    Having said that, it’ll be a giant laugh and the go-to game when friends are over….. those eyes.

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