PSNerds Podcast #12 – Intervention


The nerds get down and dirty with some serious talk about crystal meth porn addicts, girls who huff Pledge and Rich and Billy’s bizzare attraction to crying girls. We also talk some more shop about how awesome Battlefield 1943 is and what EA should do with the game if they want to keep the money flowing from our pockets. Trine, Namco Museum, Bioshock and more get run through the Nerd ringer. And the nerds answer your twitter questions!

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PSNerds Podcast #11 – Lifestyles of Rich and Famous…Mortimer


The nerds take the battle back in time and pop fools in the face with Battlefield 1943. Rich gets his first platinum trophy with Infamous and rubs it in our faces with his superior lightning throwing skills. Billy warms up to the Ipod Touch a little bit but still generally hates everything. Pete realizes that being engaged means hiding videogame purchases. The nerds also start to warm up to the idea of the PSP Go.

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iPhone App Store mini reviews

Flight Control – $0.99

Premise: Land a number of airplanes on different plane specific runways without causing a disaster in the sky.

Controls:  Simple and intuitive.  You lay out each plane’s course with a swipe of the finger.

Score: 9.5/10 –  Simply put this is the game in which all other pickup and play games are judged against.  It’s easy to play but progressively gets to a difficulty that will challenge even the most hardcore of gamers.

Parachute Panic – $0.99

Premise:  Planes fly by dropping parachuters where you have to guide them by flying obstacles and land them on boats, some of which are moving.

Controls:  Simple finger swipes are used for you to act as the wind to blow the parachutists in different directions.  You also need to tap on certain skydivers who’s chutes don’t open on their own.  There is also a tap mechanism to blow up flying objects out to hurt your little skydiving buddies.

Score: 9/10   Just like Flight Control in it’s quick and addictive gameplay but unfortunately the difficulty ramps up a little bit too quickly.   The feeling of satisfaction from landing 6 parachutists on moving boats while blowing up helicopters, ufos and avoiding lightning clouds is unmatched.

Stoneloops! of Jurassica –  $0.99

Premise:  Reinvent the marble shooter (think Zuma) by putting the marble shooting device on the bottom of the screen on a track where you can move back and forth.

Controls:  Simple swipes back and forth to move your marble shooter, simple taps to shoot the ball.

Score: 9/10   Just the small change of moving the marble shooter from a static place in the middle of the screen to being on a movable track adds new life to a genre that you probably thought began and ended with Zuma.   It’s also worth noting that there are a TON of levels to play.  Very large game for the price.

Scrabble –  $4.99

Premise:  The old word game you know and love with the ability to play alone, against the cpu or online against friends who also have the app or friends who can use the free scrabble app on Facebook.

Controls: Slide tiles with your finger.  Easy-peazy.

Score:  8/10   Slight reduction based on the price, considering you get the funnest part (online multiplayer) for free on Facebook.   But the ability to play anywhere with a 3g signal makes this a must for scrabble enthusiasts.

Castle Conflict –  $0.99

Premise: Two castles compete for resources and try to destroy each other in real time.

Controls:  Very simple interface and gameplay, you select which kind of unit you want to set out just by clicking its portrait, once it’s in the game world the AI does all the work.   You are more of the resource manager.  Think of it as simplified chess with trees you cut down and the lack of having to wait for your turn.

Score:  8/10   While it is a pretty simple premise and even with the latest update the AI is not all that smart, this is a very fun and quick pickup and play game.   You won’t spend hours playing this one, but for 3 minutes at a time it can bring a smile to your face.   If online multiplayer ever gets added this could be one of the more fun strategy games on the platform.

Saga Catapult – $1.99

Premise:  You are a catapult operator and you need to throw rocks at evil doers.

Controls:  You touch where you want the rock to land, but you need to take into account the speed the guy is moving at.

Score: 7/10 –   I enjoy this game quite a bit, because I am one of those weird sort of nerds that gets excited by catapults.  But when I look objectively at what this game does, it doesn’t do much.   If you enjoy catapulting rocks at orcs, this is the game for you.   If that thought makes you die inside, steer clear.

Warpack: Grunts – $0.99

Premise:  Take control of four grunts as they battle their way through a top down shooter.

Controls:  Interestingly enough it uses touch controls instead of a D-pad and buttons.   The touch controls work well once you get used to them, you tap once to move your squad and tap multiple times to fire.   Sometimes you will move/and-or/fire by accident, but for the most part it does what you want.

Score: 8.5/10 – The graphics are the star of the show.   When you first fire it up you might not believe that, but the first time you blow something up you will be a believer.   I’m not going to tell you that this is the deepest game on the platform, but it feels really good to play.   There are a ton of levels and they are pretty short so the pickup and play factor is pretty high with this one.   If you like topdown shooters you could do much, much worse.

Crystal Defenders – $7.99

Premise:  Tower defense that looks like an RPG because of instead of towers you put a person down to deal out the damage.

Controls:  There are two control schemes, one where you use a dpad and buttons or a touch screen option.   To me the touch screen option is much, much easier.

Score: 7/10 –  Let me say this up front…  I LOVE THIS GAME!  I really do.  It’s an amazing take on the tower defense formula.   My major problem with it is the price.   It’s not the best TD game on the platform, yet it costs what 5 other GREAT td games would.  It’s also fairly short in content.   There are 6 maps that each have one variation.   It’s a fantastic game, but is it worth $7.99?   I’m not so sure of that.

GeoDefense – $0.99

Premise: Tower defense in a world of vector  graphics, ala Geometry Wars on the xbox.

Controls:  Touch screen all the way, 1000% intuitive.

Score: 9.5/10 –   I’ve already admitted to being a tower defense whore, and this game has made me its bitch day after day.  It is a bit tougher than the typical td game, but there is a logic to be learned and the graphics, especially the explosions, are just fantastic.   If it was a little easier I would be a bit more likely to throw a 10/10 at it.    I love the challenge, but I’m guessing if someone is going to have a complaint that is it.  Easily my favorite game on the iPhone.   If you even kinda like tower defense games, get this now.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour – $6.99

Premise:  A somewhere between playstation 2 and playstation 3 version of Tiger Woods comes to the iPhone with over six courses.

Controls:  It’s all touch.  The swing mechanic is done with a swipe down and a swipe up, and you can curve it whichever way you want, and in proper Tiger Woods form you swipe the screen while the ball is in the air to affect the spin of the ball.

Score: 9/10 –  I guess I saved the best for last with this first of many writeups giving minireviews of iPhone games.   This game was my favorite for a long time but like Tiger Woods games on other platforms it gets a bit too easy once you sink some time into it.   Though, I must say, it’s become too easy for me but I’m still playing it like mad.   This game is worth every penny.

PSNerds Podcast #10 – I Do


In this week’s episode one of the nerds cuts his nuts off, so to speak. There is also talk of how absolutely terrible The Punisher:No Mercy is, Bill and Pete try to limit the talk on how awesome Sacred is (again….) and Infamous is still on all our playlists’ to some extent. Do you have a doctorate in the iPhone app store? We don’t either, but we have ideas to help it. Kinda. And, finally, and we mean fucking FINALLY, Rich finishes Uncharted.

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