PSNerds Podcast #12 – Intervention


The nerds get down and dirty with some serious talk about crystal meth porn addicts, girls who huff Pledge and Rich and Billy’s bizzare attraction to crying girls. We also talk some more shop about how awesome Battlefield 1943 is and what EA should do with the game if they want to keep the money flowing from our pockets. Trine, Namco Museum, Bioshock and more get run through the Nerd ringer. And the nerds answer your twitter questions!

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8 thoughts on “PSNerds Podcast #12 – Intervention

  1. Kewl episode–I like the sound drops, Rich. Your intro music is the old EGM Live Podcast intro song. 😉

    The iPhone has had the ability to do screen grabs since the 2.0 update over a year ago. It’s a great feature. I used to use it to compare WordJong scores with nerds on Twitter.

    The Bioshock letdown is much more than the last 5%. Basically, once you get to “the twist,” you should just stop. Fetch quest, escort mission, awful boss battle, pre-rendered ending video. That game went out with a whimper. But up until that point, it was stellar. PoP on the other hand has an ending that still sticks with me. Good stuff.

    I think any maps Battlefield 1943 gets after November 1st don’t matter. Everyone will have moved on to Modern Warfare 2 (actually on the 360, folks will have moved on to ODST even before that).

    You can play Virtua Tennis and Grand Slam Tennis with Wii MotionPlus as well–but I can’t wait for Wii Sports Resort tomorrow.

    And… the thing that made me LOL this episode, but y’all glossed over: the name “Nappy Merkin.” Fucking genius.

    • I knew the music sounded familiar. Seems like everything in Garageband has been used in one podcast or another. I might have to farm out some original music at some point. As far as Nappy Merkin, once I figured out how I knew that word I had a laugh. Unfortunately that wasn’t until the next day. Fail.

  2. I’m glad someone realizes the greatness of the Nappy Merkin, but it’s too bad the PS network won’t allow me to have that name so I had to settle for Merktastic. Long live Xbox Live.

  3. i have been trying all week to find the right words to describe this podcast, i’ve rehearsed a million things in my head but here’s all i can say…..BEST PODCAST EVER!

    i laughed so hard on the subway people were staring but i couldn’t control myself.


  4. Intervention is a rad show. It’s all about that show and Hell’s Kitchen. If only Gordon Ramsay would do a crossover into giving interventions.

    And I hope you guys address how awesome Shatter is next week. I’m frickin’ loving how complex it is. I can’t believe it’s from the same guys who did Gripshift. Bleh!

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