Episode #15 – No Name Found

Episode 15

This week a bunch of no-named nerds discuss various topics in a new format. PSN update 3.0, the PS3 Slim, John Madden Football, SOCOM Confrontation, Shadow Complex, Trials HD, and Splosion Man.

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Crappy iPhone photos of Socom patch 1.5 changes

The whole time I was sitting here snapping pictures of such boring things as menus and whatnot my fiance was sitting next to me calling me a nerd.  I took this abuse for you!  I took the pics with my iphone, so they are crappy at best, but I tried to snap shots of everything new.   This isn’t the most exciting collection of pics ever but I figured if I was sitting at work right now I’d appreciate taking a look at them.

I am taking requests also, if there is something specific you want to see.

1.  Here is the first menu screen…  with the new additions.


2.  Clan ladders!


3.  A step further into the clan ladders…


4.  Tournament page… nothing up on it yet though.


5-7.  In game instructions on how the tourneys work.




8.   The calender page… empty like the tournaments.


9.  The controller screen.  It’s not fully customizable yet (can’t change X) but you can see that I have put sprint back on the L3 again.


10.  Here is the top of the server list, they did it slightly backwards, but it makes much more sense than it did without having to manually go in an reorder them.


11.  Here’s what the password protect looks like…


12.  New weapon wheel.  You can also see, very blurry, that they added the clan tags to the kill scroll…  and it’s longer again.


13.  Medium scope is fantastic.


Like i said, if there is anything else you want to see let me know.   Once the servers come back up Ill get more pics of the scopes and the stats on the weapons that were changed.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Play Bad Games

Every console generation has been responsible for classics. On a larger scale, they’ve been responsible for many contemptuous clunkers. With the advent of the Wii, gaming has become more of a mainstream hobby than ever before. This surge has further prevailed with the advances of the iPhone and the Nintendo DS. I can honestly say, pretty much everyone I know is gaming these days. It’s also fairly safe to say that these popular gaming gadgets are, by virtue, responsible for the largest influx of flops in the past 20 years.

Until recent years, I’ve always felt that my gaming comrades have been well-informed. While my taste in games might differ from some, the truly horrible titles were never spoken of, unless it were for a laugh. Gaming gossip, a favorite pastime of mine, has become an every day occurrence. With that, I’ve become aware that many of these rookie gamers are playing some genuinely insufferable titles. This revelation has brought about feelings, that have been difficult to express.

Perhaps it’s guilt. How have I let those close to me suffer such indignities? What is the proper course of action moving forward? Should I inform the 60-year-old widower that perhaps, it would be more fun to dunk a Mickey Mouse fishing pole in your toilet than it would be to play Rapala’s Fishing Frenzy? Do I ignore that my mother is playing a first-person shooter called Dark Maze on the iPhone? — A game so unworthy, its existence is insulting? Perhaps I only feel guilty for having scorned such gamers in the past. Now faced with this real-world relevance I’m left with nothing but a guilty conscience.

No Really...

No Really...

Maybe it’s pity, I swear I feel pity. Not unlike those “Save the Children” commercials always seem to induce. While starving children in Africa is a more critical issue, I feel pity just the same. For instance, Daisy Fuentes should never be someone’s lifeline to the world of fitness. It’s an unspeakable horror, one that should never exist in a post EA-Active world. So I wonder, perhaps that pity is misplaced. Am I the equivalent of Paris Hilton, looking down on those “poor” have-nots of Middle America? There is an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach over these instances. Can I truly be that shallow of a human?

This occurrence has become so prevalent in my life, it must be more common for others as well. While I sort out these feelings and decide what the proper course of action should be, come discuss your stories of gamers playing bad games — with or without the weirdly emotional overtones — in our comments section.

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Madden 10 (PS3) oops!

While in general Madden 10 for the PS3  is a major improvement over the previous attempts this generation,  there are quite a few WTF moments in the game, mostly in the presentation and sound.   This afternoon there seems to be server issues connecting to the online franchise mode, which isn’t all that surprising, most online games have speedbumps for the first week or so.  But what struck me was what I saw in the background in this particular freeze.


I took the picture with my iPhone 3g, hence the blurriness, but I opened the XMB so you could see that it is in fact my ps3 showing a video with “Xbox Live” as an option.


In any case, we look forward to bringing you the goods on what is great and what is LOLWAT? about Madden 10 in the next podcast which should be up by the end of the week.

PSNerds Podcast #14 – End of the Road…


The nerds pod them up a cast about some of those old timey videogames. Pete and Rich verbally beat up Billy over the merits of Fat Princess. Crystal Defenders, Wolverine and the Savage Moon DLC all get run through the ringer. And the nerds drop a bombshell about the future of this site and the podcast in general, and the sick amount of incest that was needed for us to get the sexy voiced announcer that has made the podcast 54% more enjoyable.

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PSNerds Podcast #13 Bears!


While Billy is off the grid getting mauled (we hope) by bears, the remaining nerds turn to Utah’s whitest, Mik from the Fanboys, to fill in Billy’s very angry shoes. The trio discuss a myriad of new (and old) releases ranging from Shatter to WipeoutHD Fury to NCAA to Bejeweled Blitz (and the wife battles it has brought on) to the very, very excellent Fat Princess. Stories of near death experiences and exactly how high your car launches when you run over a frozen bear, a mormon’s five year effort to actually get drunk and Rich offering a cookout guest’s wife his meat stick round out this very special podcast.

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