PSNerds Podcast #14 – End of the Road…


The nerds pod them up a cast about some of those old timey videogames. Pete and Rich verbally beat up Billy over the merits of Fat Princess. Crystal Defenders, Wolverine and the Savage Moon DLC all get run through the ringer. And the nerds drop a bombshell about the future of this site and the podcast in general, and the sick amount of incest that was needed for us to get the sexy voiced announcer that has made the podcast 54% more enjoyable.

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11 thoughts on “PSNerds Podcast #14 – End of the Road…

  1. You guys are f’d up. Thanks for creeping me out for maybe the next decade. Hopefully altzhiemers sets in quickly so I can forget your comments sooner.

  2. Glad you hung in there with PoP, Richy. I still think that ending is one of the most powerful moments I’ve had in a game–right up there with The Darkness (also great). The fact that you’re controlling the Prince and you’re feeling ambivalent about what has to be done (or undone) really made it rather affecting.

    I kind of agree with Billy that it would be nice to have *something* additional in Fat Princess to prevent so many stalemates. I really enjoy it as is, but I could see that helping out. I think the thing that limits the gameplay–and makes the stalemates much more common–is that lack of skill-based play that the game has. For example, in CoD, if the teamwork and strategy are all equal, the winning team is the one with the players who have the best stick skills–and there’s always a big disparity in those skills. In Fat Princess, the disparity between the “best” players and the “worst” players is much, much more narrow. It’s just not that dependent on player skill.

  3. Great cast, fellas. The rich/mom out-takes are absolute gold. You guys have one of the most polished casts out there…Though, it’s hard for me to trust your collective judgment from this point on for one reason alone: Watchmen: The End is Nigh is absolute garbage. It was shat out, and the gratification you guys get out of the game must come from a deep, dark place where beating vaginas to a bloody pulp is deemed the highest of technologies.

    Other than that, I’m excited for the new developments to come, you unjust villains.

  4. You know Mik, this is like the 6th time you have mentioned The Darkness. I rented it but got caught up in something else and took it back. I don’t think i played much past watching the movie with the GF, which i found to be one of the coolest moments in gaming. I really feel like I should go back to it. I think its like $10 now so maybe i’ll hit up gamer’s tonight.

    Now PG, if this was even one dollar more, I may agree. There is just something about it though. I kind of relate it to a punching bag. Yes, I am not getting anything out of it besides a primal spark of joy from pure violence, buuuuttt, who cares. For some reason, every single time i finish a guy I smile. Every time I pick up a bat I mutter,”its on bitches.” Its just pure, stripped down violent fun.

  5. Ask Pete about The Darkness–I think he agrees with me. I love any game that shows me something new, something unexpected, and something that’s capable of striking a nerve or an emotional chord. The Darkness definitely did that–and the part you cited with your girlfriend on the couch is kind of an important part of that.

  6. Dual Analog Unicorns
    Rich, Pete and Billy Play the TV Games
    The Waggles
    The Gentleman’s Guide to Video Games
    Misanthropic Gamers
    Wort Episode Ever
    Jesus Christ, the Podcast

  7. Although I think the misanthropic gamers is a win, I fear such blatant truth would be seen as an insult to those listeners not familiar with our brand of non humor. Still though, thats really good.

    Perhaps I’ll jump off you and suggest The Worst Game Ever show. Bah, such choices.

  8. The Darkness is easily top 3 of all times games to effect me on an emotional level. And the game itself is pretty damn awesome to boot. Casting Mike Patton (of Faith No More/Mr Bungle) as the voice of the darkness was pure fucking win.

    Rich, Pete and Billy play the TV games is my favorite name mentioned by anyone.

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