Episode #16 – Billy Laughs Like a Girl


There should be  a picture here, but there isn’t. I’m not exactly sure why, you’d have to ask Billy and/or Pete. I’ve been holding the show for two days waiting for a picture . I’m sure it would have been funny, so just try to imagine the funniest picture you can think of right about here.

This week the nerds discuss the evil that is exclusives. They also dig their nerd wand into Socom 1.5, the decline of music games, Pete’s sad new obsession with crappy free iPhone MMOs, tons and tons of new demo talk. We also discuss our troubles making a new name and then we randomly add Nasero from the Critical Strike podcast and we all nerd out about old school games and World of Warcraft. Oh, and Billy laughs over and over like the little, little girl that he abhors.

Stream the PSNerds Podcast #16 here.

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3 thoughts on “Episode #16 – Billy Laughs Like a Girl

  1. Nasero is the man.

    I think music games are still relevant. The big test will be with Lego Rock Band and Band Hero this fall to see if they can really stretch the market to more girls & tweens.

    If you dudes dig Dope Wars and the like, you really, REALLY need to play GTA Chinatown Wars. The game is totally awesome and includes a great drug trading minigame that’s addictive as hell. (I think it’s coming to the iPhone too)

    btw, “Wet” comes from “wet work” which was the KGB’s euphemism for assassination.

    Another fine episode of The Gentleman’s Guide to TV Games. Thanks, dudes.

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