New Editor

Hello fellow nerds.  I am a new Editor here on the site.  I am really excited about being here and getting new information to all of you.  You will see me posting a bunch of reviews in the coming weeks as well as some Hands On impressions.  Next week I am going to a Convention in Kansas City Missouri so I will be posting a bunch of Hands On impressions on some of the cool new games coming out.  Possibly pictures?  Who knows?

Here is some background on my gaming:

  • HUGE SOCOM fan
  • Resident Evil is my favorite single player franchise.  I own all of them on multiple systems.  I can beat RE DS in 58 minutes.  haha.
  • I bought the Xbox 360 and Wii on launch day…..  PS3 I bought a month after launch.
  • I currently own a Xbox 360 Limited Edition Resident Evil Elite, PS3 60 GB, PS3 80 GB, Wii, DS, PSP, Game Gear, Dreamcast, and N64.

I am looking forward to read peoples comments in the coming weeks!



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