Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hands On

First off, during the Activision Conference last Wednesday, Infinity Ward came out and played a never before seen level of Modern Warefare 2. They said no one could take any pictures or videos of the game because this level wasn’t released to the public yet. However, before Infinity Ward came out, they did have an awesome firework show which I taped and will post on the site at some point. With that being said here is my hands on preview…

I got to play the co op special forces mode two times through. The level I played was a underground level. Looked almost like sewers. We spawned and there were about five different guns hanging on gun racks we could choose from. I picked up an assault rifle with a red dot scope and GL and I picked up a semi-auto shotgun.

After that, we needed to breach through a wall. Once the C4 exploded, there was this slow motion effect and we rushed into the room while it was still in slow mo. I got a clear headshot to the guy on our left with the shotgun and my partner headed down the right side. Once we got into the room, there were 3 different ways to go. Down the center, to the left of a stone pillar, and to the right of a stone pillar. All three ways lead to the same spot. There were a good 10-12 enemies on the ground floor with assault rifles, UZI’s, and shotguns. Also, there was a balcony above us with another 10-12 enemies with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and RPGs. My partner kept on dieing which meant for me to find him and revive him before he bleeds out. While wounded, you are laying on the ground with your handgun out. You have very limited movement. You can crawl and thats it.

Once we cleared out the first room, we headed underneath an archway and there was a similar room. This time there were enemies with riot shields and the enemies behind them were throwing flash bangs, smoke grenades, and regular grenades at us. We had to fall back to the first room. The riot shield enemies started to follow us in the first room. The only way to kill them is to sneak up behind them which is very difficult by yourself or use flash bangs. Once they get hit by a flash bang, they drop their riot shields for a few seconds and you can get a clear headshot. After we took out the riot shield dudes, we picked off the remaining enemies on the ground and slowly took out the guys on the balcony above.

After the second room, we made our way under a second archway and there was a tunnel a little ways down. There were no enemies in the last room. We went into the tunnel and the level was over.

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