Episode 20 – The Fall of PSNerds


In this week’s episode the nerds get excited about the falls bigger releases and try to figure out where all the money to get this crap is going to come from. Chard and Pete continue to enjoy Interpol even though it’s a crappy version of Where’s Waldo. And the nerds take on some listener mail where billy eats some serious crow. Oh, and if you didn’t know, the PSP-GO comes out this week.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 20 – The Fall of PSNerds

  1. Good show guys. I think you should have nasero on next week to explain what’s so rad about the PSP Go (I agree with him, for what it’s worth). I also think the PSP has plenty of must-have games. Billy mentioned one of the best, Crisis Core. If I had missed out on that game, or Jeanne D’arc, or Killzone Liberation, or [insert a dozen more PSP exclusives] I’d be a sad gaymer, indeed.

    I think the Dawg Pound cops would have been completely ignored if they hadn’t been caught pissing in public. Drinking beers and flipping birds won’t draw any attention to yourself in a tailgate party. But taking your wang out of your pants always draws a crowd.

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