Episode 32: Like, Kind of Gameflyish

Episode 32: Like, Kind of Gameflyish

In this episode; Darksiders, Bayonetta, Operation Flashpoint, Dragon Age, Demon’s Souls, The art of Gameflying, The art of buying/selling/trading used games and billy like kind of lets out a like complete nerdgasm all over Fallout 3. Again.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 32: Like, Kind of Gameflyish

  1. If you like the giant robot, the only Fallout 3 DLC you need is Broken Steel (it’s also the best one).

    If I had played it on PS3, I’d definitely have the platinum. I think I have 1100 achievement points on 360 in that game. (but I’d still give it about a 7/10)

  2. I think I would put it in the B+ , A- range. There are many things that could be improved, but overall, I really love it. If I would have went to art school, I would be making games like this.

    1100! You win at life. You do have a problem though. edit: How many of those DLC’s did you buy? Between this and Borderlands, you spend a ton of time playing games you don’t really like. Prediction: Mass Effect 2 will be next.

  3. Mass Effect was mercifully short. Hopefully the sequel follows suit–OR, even better–is more like Dragon Age and KotOR, both of which represent what I think is the best of BioWare.

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