Episode 34: In the Face

Episode 34: In the Face

In this episode: We don’t talk about Mass Effect 2, $8 Scene It, we dig into Operation Flashpoint coop, we talk about what we think the new Apple product will be, Divinity 2, and a touch of Final Fantasy VI or FF III, depending on how much of a nerd you are.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 34: In the Face

  1. Vandal Hearts is the first SRPG I ever played. And it really turned me on to the genre. Please tell me you’ve both played Valkyria Chronicles. Please.

  2. I did. Much like Divinity, it just wasnt the right time for me to be playing the game. If I remember correctly, it came into my possession the same time as Batman. I played for a few hours and enjoyed it. I pretty much like any game that looks like a cartoon. Especially one that looks hand drawn.

    This would be the perfect time for you to pick this up Mort. Send back MW2 and give this a try.

  3. Yeah, I’d agree that Jeanne D’arc and FF Tactics are still the high-water marks in strat RPGs, but Valkyria Chronicles did some really new and interesting stuff with the genre. And the look of the game and its incredible soundtrack make it a pretty great package. But… no trophies. 😦

  4. Yeah Josh recommended it to me and I checked out the demo… seems neat. But I think from here on out my Srpg-ing will be done via PSP. I just bought FF Tactics. I’m not in love yet, but im very early in it. But if I get hooked there’s 50ish hours… then jeanne d’arc… then disdaea… next thing you know it’s gonna be 2012 and the world will be ending. But maybe then I’ll check out Valkyria.

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