Episode 37: Brolo please

PSNerds Episode 37: Brolo please

We start with some Jesus emails, Dude Bros, 7 minutes of Rouge Warrior, some Critical Strike talk, OF COURSE SOME WHITE KNIGHT TALK, Mass Effect 2, how happy we are with the games we have, story telling in games, Mila Kunis, a couple movies, some South Park, Darksiders, MLB The Show, MAG, Bad Company 2, aaaaannnddd we’re out. Here is the link to the brolo magic.

Stream here people.

You can also grab it off of iTunes.

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One thought on “Episode 37: Brolo please

  1. you had me lol-ing out loud on public transportation with everyone staring at me, especially during the ‘user reviews’ section. it makes me happy to know that i’m not the stupidest person on the interwebs

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