PSNerds Episode 38: Dark Islam

PSNerds Episode 38: Dark Islam

Star Craft 2, the new Borderlands DLC, more web found user reviews, WKC, Billy finishing Dragon Age, overdraft charges, buying a bunch of cheap used games, can Bioware keep the quality going, Apple pulling apps they don’t see as appceptable, Fronia beat the newest Mario, and Epic Beard Man.

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2 thoughts on “PSNerds Episode 38: Dark Islam

  1. where to start? OMG i loved it. I usually zone out a little when you guys start talking serious game stuff on games i’ve never heard of but this time i was akshully enterested.

    the reviews? LMMFAO on metro north with a bunch of wall street guys sitting around me and not giving a shit that everything was hysterical.

    congrats Fronia, you are a better woman than I for having the patience to not throw that game through the window and then run outside, stomp on it and then take a dump on it.

    ok, i’m done or this comment is about to look like one of the reviews you read outloud. And no, i’m not a fan of capital letters.

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