PSNerds Live | TONIGHT! | 3-24-10 at 9pm Eastern

The PSNerds have officially joined Gamercorp, a new site that will be hosting live podcasts every night of the week.   We, the nerds of PS, will be on Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern.   Not only will we be live but we will have video!

So head over to Gamercorp and check us and the rest of the live podcasts out.   When there isn’t a live show going there will be a stream of recorded podcasts for your listening pleasure.

We will also be recording a feed to post as our usual weekly podcast, if you still prefer us in that format.

Heavy Rain – Spoiled in 60 minutes

Our own Pete Dodd joins Mike Phillips from The Fanboys, Greg Sewert from the Player One Podcast, Davide Vigliotti from the Videogame Jocks and James Chilton from New Zealand to breakdown one of the most interesting videogame released in years.  You may want to steer clear if you haven’t played it (and plan to) because the plot is HEAVILY SPOILED.  You’ve been warned!
Click here for a spoilerific podcast.