Use an Xbox 360 controller on the PS3 with the XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0

I recently picked up this XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0 which allows you to use a 360 controller on a ps3. Thus far I’ve only tested it with the stock 360 wired controller (it has to be wired, doesn’t work with the wireless) and the Capcom 360 Super Street Fighter 4 fight pad. Both work flawlessly. I have read reports of atleast 1 Arcade stick not working, but I haven’t tried that for myself (being that I don’t own an arcade stick).

This video is a 10 minute demo and review of the device I made earlier today. It could be summed up in 5 seconds by saying “it works” but if you’ve listened to the show you know I like to listen to myself talk.

Bottom line for the devices are:

Crossbattle 1.0 = $25 to $30 shipped. It’s just a button to button converter (L1 = left bumper, L2= left trigger, etc etc) and it includes rumble support. There are no options for maping the six axis to either of the sticks or to change any of the buttons. It does have turbo switches for any of the buttons. Whoopeee!

Crossbattle 2.0 = $80-$90 shipped (I got it for $80 shipped from Does everything the 1.0 does but also includes options to remap all of the buttons, to map the six axis controls to one of sticks and you can even swap the analog sticks if you’re left handed or just plain weird. It also has a pretty blue light. Whether these options are worth an extra $50 is probably on a per user basis. They were for me but they may not be for you.

And here is the link to the super in depth button lag test.

If you have any questions ask here or on youtube and I will answer. Promise.


7 thoughts on “Use an Xbox 360 controller on the PS3 with the XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0

  1. Only a wired controller will work? That’s weird – and totally increases the price. Who has a wired device? I would actually have to buy an extra controller..hmmmph!

  2. I’ve been quite surprised to hear how many people don’t have wired controllers. I bought one at launch because I wanted a controller I could use on my PC and 360. But I guess a lot of folks just don’t game on their PCs so getting a wired controller is a fairly foreign idea.

    I’m guessing you can probably find used ones cheap. But yeah, it is definitely an added expense if you don’t already have one. Im guessing the tech to put a wireless sensor in the XCM device was probably too expensive… I can’t see any other reason why they would only support the far less popular controller.

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  4. Well Steve if you watched the whole video you would have noticed where he changed one of the button configurations and it’s done by pressing a button on the device itself and then pressing the button you want to map something to and then the button you plan on changing the new one to.

    Good review Pete!

    I wish it had a way to save profiles for games so each time you load Uncharted or something you wouldn’t have to go and remap each button every time, but perhaps one day they’ll add something like that in.

  5. Yeah… I was hoping for saved profiles also. But usually any game I get into usually only has a few buttons I need to change so it takes less than 30 seconds. At first it was annoying but now I do it quickly without thinking about it.

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