PSNerds Episode 61: STEAMing Mad

Hi there.  My name is Pete Dodd, I am one half of the PSNerds podcast.  I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with some really interesting stuff to try to sell you on our podcast and what I’ve come away with is the fact that we really aren’t exceptional.   That’s a hell of a selling point, right?  Well, I think it kinda is, let me try to explain.

Neither Billy or I are professional journalists, podcasters or nerds.  We are just a couple of dudes that play way too many videogames and spend too much of our days thinking about them.   In 60 episodes we’ve never interviewed any developers or journalists or anything like that.  When we sit down to record we have the most basic of outlines which usually is just a few games a piece we want to talk about.  What happens from there is completely organic.  Like, in this podcast, Bill discusses how he has started Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion over again on the PC and how he is using a few cheats to streamline the process.  This then evolves into a chat about cheats in general, how they’ve been affected by achievements… how Bill thinks achievements are dying (and I feel the opposite) and how it’s gotten to the point where if you were to have signature images of every achievement point system you are a part of (especially if you own an iPhone which has at least 5 different ones on its own) your forum posts would be spam.

And that’s how it goes for us.  We never planned on talking about signatures in forum posts, but that’s where the conversation went and that’s where we let it take us.  With our podcasts you will hear bits of news but only when it fits into what we want to talk about.  We aren’t the type of show to bring up NPD numbers because we feel like we have to.

And we, somewhat by accident, have quite a bit working in our favor.  Bill and I are a bit of an odd couple.  I am a ps3/iPhone guy, he is a 360/android guy.  We both love PC games, however.  Bill loves to hate everything and I love everything even if its crap.  Bill could care less about achievements, I have 1600 ps3 trophies (and about 12k achievement points… and 2k open feint points…  and 730 achievement points in Starcraft 2… and, well, you get the idea).   We don’t argue because we respect each other’s opinions too much, but we do tend to look at things from different perspectives.  It works.

There are a few quirks to our podcast.  The first would be the name.  PSNerds was a website I started about 6 months before our first podcast (and our first podcast was about 16 months ago) and now our podcast has just about nothing to do with what the site was originally about…  but we’ve struggled for so long to come up with a new name and continually fail.   So, we have a name that makes people think we are a PS3 podcast and we aren’t.  In fact, on this episode, the ps3 gets maybe 5 minutes of lip service.  We are both on PC kicks right now, but don’t worry – our ADD will swing that back around shortly.

Other quirks include our energy level.  Neither Billy or I have that high energy radio voice, which tends to bore some people.  I will say, though, that we get more and more energy as the show goes on.   For me it’s because I drink a 2 liter bottle of Coke Zero during every recording, so by the end I am a bit wired.  Bill, on the other hand, has beverages that are a bit more, lets say, adult.  So, if you listen and the start is kinda a boring, try to stick with it.  It gets better by the end.  I promise.

We are especially grateful to Platform Nation for giving us a shot.  PN has been a force of good for indie podcasts for a very long time now and we have always hoped to one day be a part of it.  So we are honored to get in and we want to thank Steve personally and all of the other shows that voted in support of us.   In particular we wouldn’t even have a podcast if it wasn’t for The Fanboys, and we wouldn’t be any good at it if it wasn’t for Nasero from Critical Strike.

Also, to the people who download our show each week, thanks.  We try not to get wrapped up in the numbers, but it does feel good to see that people actually do listen.  And to you, new reader/listener contemplating giving us a shot – I thank you in advance!  Why?  Well, because I am an asskisser.   I hope you enjoy our show.  We try to be interesting, funny and a bit informative.   We aren’t trying to reinvent the podcast nor are we trying to move our way up in the industry.  We’re just a couple of dudes that love to talk about our favorite hobby.  We hope you enjoy it.

In episode 61:  Starcraft 2 has been defeated, Minecraft is still amazing, Bill heads back into the world of Oblivion and Pete heads back into the world of Fallout (both thanks to Steam sales),  the Windows 7 phone is mulled over and fall releases are looked at with fear because our piles of shame are about to teeter over and kill a medium-sized city.  Look out, Cincinnati.

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