PSNerds Episode 69 – Worst. Edit. Ever.


PSNerds Episode 69:

If you are able to stomach Pete’s failure of an edit and some questionable sound quality, hidden here is a pretty decent podcast about Castlevania, Enslaved, NBA 2k11, MAG 2.0 and other videogame hits!  Sorry again for it not being up to our usual clarity.

Stream here people.

You can also grab it off of iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “PSNerds Episode 69 – Worst. Edit. Ever.

  1. Billy, stop drinking the fucking HATERADE!! lol and I couldn’t agree with you more about taking responsibility for fucking up on a loophole. Ugh! Males me so insane!

    Pete–the edit sounds awesome on my (your) headphones! I could stomach it and you know how weak my stomach is.

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