PSNerds Episode 70 – The Two Hour Chipoko Power Hour


With Billy visiting Denver to see his friends fight and coming home to move into his new house, Pete enlists the help of their good friend James Chilton (aka Chipoko in gaming circles).   Mr. Chilton joins us from across the pond in New Zealand.  In this episode Pete and James nerd out about Fallout (3 and New Vegas), Vanquish, MAG and NBA 2k11, how awesome the Move is even though it won’t still be here next year…  and the wonderful world of apple idevice gaming that billy tasers pete about whenever he brings it up.  Enjoy, mates!


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3 thoughts on “PSNerds Episode 70 – The Two Hour Chipoko Power Hour

  1. I love Jimmy Chips!

    “The knob was polishing my teeth.” Hell yeah.

    Also, what do you mean you can’t trust the words that come out of my mouth, Pete?

  2. I don’t remember exactly when I said that, but chips and I have had a bit of a running joke that kinda goes like “Mik tweeted he wanted to play Uncharted this weekend so we probably won’t see him.”

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