Hoard (PSN): Take a peek at the action strategy game that costs too much to buy on a whim

Just about everyone on my friends list that has seen me playing Hoard has taken the time to ask me how it is.  As nerds, we like action strategy games with castles and dragons and knights and farms and towns and crap.  But as people existing in a world where a 99 cent iPhone game can give you 40 hours of fun… you have to wonder why a game like Hoard is $15.  Something with a bit more complex of an engine, like Deathspank… that makes sense.  But why is Hoard that much?

Well, I made a video about it.  To be honest, watching this video makes the game look far more boring that it actually is, mostly because Im playing with one hand while filming with the other.  But, anyway, here it is…





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