For your viewing – Mortal Kombat

Today I take a (quite long) look at the just released Mortal Kombat.  I check out arcade mode, story mode (including 5 minutes of cutscenes which I let you know when to skip if you don’t care), the Vita exclusive challenge tower and a match of online play.

There are some major interlacing problems with this video.  I tried to clean it up but this is as good as its getting for now.  I will try to get another video up tomorrow with another camera and hope it has better luck.  I think the fact that MK is 60 frames per second and this camera records at 25 frames per second is causing all sorts of problems.  Sorry!

These types of shots have been popping up all over the net lately as “proof” that the Vita port of MK is bad. In the video you will see me take this very shot. You can decide for yourself.  In fact, the limitations of this site won’t even let me get the picture as large as the ones people have been showing, but obviously the further you blow up the shot the worse it looks.


One thought on “For your viewing – Mortal Kombat

  1. Buts dont forget the vita isn’t that big of a screen. So really everyone should be showing pictures of the actually resolution and not scaled

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