For Your Vita Hype E3 Live Blog

8:30pm Eastern (show starts at 9pm)

Hey guys.  Im just getting setup now.  I have multiple windows open.  Im playing my moves in Pure Chess.  I’m being a snarky dick on twitter.  It’s good stuff.

I’m going to try to update this thread several times through the conference.  If you are following the twitter stream it will be mostly repeat info.

Here’s some last minute predictions (that aren’t coming from rumors I’ve heard… just actual real predictions)

Sony pretends the Vita is selling well.

Killzone is announced but either isn’t dated or is dated 2013.

Some PSN game they show quickly looks cool as heck.

We feel moderately better about Sony after the conference is over.

They show more Vita games than Microsoft did 360 games (number to beat: 6 –  haha).

More to come.



Sound Shapes being shown on stream at the sony blog.  $15 for the ps3 and vita versions.  Can’t see anything on the screen.

Dated: Aug 7th



Everyone is excited to see The Last of Us.  Shocking stuff.  This is why you need this live blog.



Still “pre-show” but they are showing Sly 4 on the ps3.  I’m not thrilled that the majority of the Vita stuff we’re gonna see is going to be on both platforms, but this is definitely a game that i definitely would prefer to have on the Vita.

Looks awesome



Waiting for the show to start.  Waiting… waiting…  hmm, ok, one more move in Pure Chess…



Started with a montage.  Can’t believe it!
Here comes Tretton.

Cage coming on stage.  Quantic Dream’s newest is up first.

Game called BEYOND.  Greg Miller just pooped himself.

Actress playing lead role is Ellen Page.

Looks like supernatural Heavy Rain with better performances.  Amazing stuff.

Date not given



Playstation Allstars Battle Royale is up.

Looks fun but not really my thing.  Vita person won the fight though.


PSN+ has lots of free stuff, nothing mentioned for vita.

PSone games coming to vita this summer (its going to be august)

Assassin’s Creed Vita shown off very quickly.

Going to be a pack in sold.  October 30th.  Has 4gb memory card.
Showing off Ass Creed 3 now…



Ubisoft showing off PS3 games.
Ass Creed stuff on boats – looks amazing.

Far Cry 3 has 4 player co-op.  Looks awesome.

When did ubisoft get so good?



Sony doing move stuff.  Showing off a book peripheral aimed at kids.  Good time for a snack.


Wonder book works with a Harry Potter something or other.  Will sell millions.  Not to me though.  Sorry, I can’t get any hype going.  I don’t mean to be dismissive if you’re excited.


Finally, now they are talking about the playstation suite.  Not once do they mention the vita.   WHAT. THE. FUCK. SONY!


God of war up now.  Looks like god of war.  Feels like the air has been let out of this conference.
This demo of the game just won’t end….

Dated: March 12, 2013


Last of Us is up now.  Looks incredible.

But… the Vita feels like a no show at this thing.

Last of us demo is full gameplay.  Is jaw-dropping,


Conference over.  Sony doesn’t seem to notice that it has a new handheld.



Gonna write up an editorial-ish recap after I take the shotgun out of my mouth.


5 thoughts on “For Your Vita Hype E3 Live Blog

  1. Good write-up, thanks. I’m going to sell my Vita, I’m very upset with Sonys lack of games and caring for a system I’ve spent $700 on (including games and a ridiculously overpriced memory card). That is unless there’s some games coming out that I don’t know about yet.

  2. The show was a disaster for Vita owners. Sony does not seem to be aware of there is a handheld named PS Vita and Nintendo is probably laughing their butts off already.

  3. People on the internet are brain dead knee jerk reactionary monkeys. We’ve had a slew of vita game announcements on the psn side. Kickbeat by Zen Studios, When Vikings Attack, Pulzar, a new AR game, Retro City Rampage is close, Snapshot, Class of heroes 2, a psp game also compatible with the vita, Guacamelee by Drinkbox, a number of Japanese games confirmed for NA, Soul Sacrifice, Persona Golden, Ragnarok Odyssey, in addition to Sly Cooper, and now a date and price for Sound Shapes. LBP is in beta. Confirmation of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale for vita, and AC: Liberation, NOT a port of AC3. And whatever Call of Duty winds up being, also doesn’t seem to be a port. You’re getting Youtube, Hulu Plus and Crackle on the app side. Confirmation that psone classics are close. Tomorrow an additional 35-40 psp titles make their way to the vita store along with an undisclosed number of minis. But, hey, you go right ahead sell your vita because of what happens at an E3 conference.

    Really have no respect for a bunch of weak willed sheep who think that a system barely four months old in the west is supposedly to materialize a lineup of games out of thin air. This system is well ahead on the software front compared to the 3ds at comparable points in time.

  4. I agree with you Peter, not just because you have a great first name, but because there clearly is a lot of great Vita software coming. But that’s what makes the conference all the more confounding. They have a 3 minute sizzle reel going at their booth that people are just stoping in their tracks and watching. Why didn’t they throw that in the conference?

    I think after the dust settles on this E3 the quiet story coming out on sites/blogs will be “Vita actually had a great showing on the floor.” And that’s great… BUT WHY DID THEY GO FOR A QUIET SHOWING?

    This was the PS3’s swan song, and it wasn’t even that great. There was time and a huge desire by fans to see Vita stuff and they didn’t do it. I can’t make any sense of it in my head as to why they didn’t. Who in the world thought that this was a good idea?

    But shitty conference aside, it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of games coming and I will buy them and play them and continue to enjoy my Vita. I just get the feeling that the installed base won’t be growing very quickly as I do so.

  5. i saw on gaf you said you were going to start posting rumours on here.


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