For your Viewing: LittleBigPlanet Vita beta (day one)

After playing one level I decided to turn on the camera as I explored what the game has to offer.  As is expected so early in a beta there isn’t much beyond short proof of concept levels or just general crap.  But some of the stuff shows an insane amount of promise.  Take a look!



5 thoughts on “For your Viewing: LittleBigPlanet Vita beta (day one)

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    • Semantics! MM is “working very closely” with Double Eleven and Tarsier.

      Also looking at the creation stuff i think the base of this game is Littlebigplanet 2. It has all of the same logic pieces and whatnot. I’d be surprised if Double Eleven built of that from scratch.

      Yeah, I should have mentioned that MM isn’t the dev. FU 😦

  2. Is this not in obvious breach of the Non Disclosure Agreement you signed to get into the beta? The game is not supposed to be shown or discussed outside of the private beta forums.

  3. Is it? Probably. If Sony asks me to pull it I will. But being that there are videos of it all over youtube, over 500 posts of impressions on Neogaf and I’m sure tons on other sites… I’m not all that worried about it.

    Though, like i said, if sony wants it pulled I will pull it.

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