What’s brewing at FYVH?

As you all know we are heading into the dead season for the Vita (and really all consoles) and things have slowed down around here as well.  We are still working on things.  Camus is working on a review for Pure Chess.  I decided early on that I didn’t want to power through Gravity Rush… so i’m taking all in – in small chunks.  So a review is a ways off but if you come to this site I’m gonna guess you already know it’s awesome.  I am also making my way through The MGS-HD collection.  It’s massive and I am absolutely terrible at those games so a review of that may be about 6 years away.  But, again, you pretty much know what to expect with that title.  I am also working on Lego Batman and a review of that should be up in a week or so.

I, personally, have been working on my biggest video project yet.  I’m not ready to reveal it yet but I have some fun with the “VITA IS DOOMED” meme while showing footage of every game I have on my 32gb card.  When I  started it I thought I would get it done in an afternoon.  A week later with about 120 clips to be cut down and snipped together I’m still not halfway done.  But I’m going to make a big push to get it out this month.  And then I’m gonna post it in every NEOGAF “THE VITA IS DOOMED” thread (which is what, 10 threads a day?).  Incoming ban?  I hope not, but it will be fun.

Also, my podcast has had much Vita game talk, of course, and I’m planning on pulling folks from other podcasts i’m friendly with to do an episode explicitly about the Vita from launch to now.  So I will post that here when it happens.

It’s going to be a slow summer but even if the updates slow down we aren’t going away.  I am hopeful to start getting interviews with some of the smaller Vita devs and other things.  So keep checking back, you may actually find something of worth.


And don’t forget to follow the twitter account which is over to the right on the site.  We tweat news, deals, links to other vita sites, etc.


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