A letter from the curator 7/9/12


Even though the release schedule for the Vita has been pretty dire lately this site has been cranking and I just wanted to take a little time to thank you all and keep everyone up to date with what’s going on around here.  I think the reason this site is doing well isn’t necessarily that we have any cutting edge content or amazing pieces of writing (though I hope my grammar at least doesn’t offend).  I think what people like is that we LOVE the vita.

It goes back to the name of the site.  For your Vita Hype.  If you’re wondering where the For your part comes from, it’s from my podcast which is about to have its 150th episode.  My ex-cohost had a co-worker who would say “For your FYI we are _______” and it cracked us up.  Like ATM machine or DLC contents.  Anyway, the important part of the name is VITA HYPE. That’s not to say that this site is never negative about the Vita or Sony, of course we are, but what I try to do personally is go into everything feeling a bit excited. I try not to bring any negativity to anything.  Some things, like Reality Fighters or MMA Chicken Supreme or whatever it was called may pull the negativity out of me… but I try not to bring it in.

Though if I do have any negative thoughts in general its about how Sony corporate is handling the Vita.  I think it’s sad when my amateur website which i do in my free time for -$24 a year is a better source of positive and useful Vita information than Sony is.  The sentence following this one has more useful info than the entire Sony E3 conference did for the Vita.  Looks like Ragnarok Odyssey is pushed back to September but PSO2 is official for the west (in 2013).  See, Sony!  One sentence!  Info!  Craaaaazy.

So before I get to what’s next, I want to talk about what got us here. I’ve always been excited about stats so I figured i’d share some for those that have the same interest in them.  If you don’t, feel free to skip ahead.

The first month of FYVH we got 641 views.  On July 4th, *JUST* July 4th, we got 1,426.  In fact July is our second busiest month ever and it’s only the 9th!

Overall hits (each IP address counted only once per 24 hours) = 14,429     Now, IGN probably does that in an hour.  But I’ve run or helped out on many smaller websites and 15k hits in less than 5 months is by far the best i’ve done.

The top 5 posts for hits are videos or editorials.  Reviews do far worse.  Which is understandable as we don’t get early copies so our reviews are long after the fact.

And lastly, my epic 13 minute ode to the vita has cracked 4000 views.  The channel overall, in less than 5 months, has 19,000 views and 60 subscribers.  Though I think our subscriber numbers are lower because a lot of people portal through the site to youtube so they don’t need to subscribe to know there is new content.  Thumbs up in youtube does help get the videos up the search chain though if you guys want to help 🙂

So that’s where we came from.  Here is where we are going.

Reviews will be changing in scoring format.   I’m going to assign what I think a fair price for the game is.  I figure people reading these reviews after the fact are doing it because they are buying a game that’s likely on sale.  So while my review for Resistance says it’s fairly average but kinda fun i’m gonna say if you can get the whole shebang, including the online pass, for $20 or less, go for it.  I think that’s useful info.  I mean even MMA Chicken Supreme is worth picking up at a certain price.  It may be $2.50, but hey – whatever it takes.  I know that this only works on a literal level for the US.  But I will put the MSRP (usually $40) so if you see it’s $20, you can just figure my opinion is half whatever it costs in your country.  Orrrrr, you can use a currency converter!

Also in terms on content, Camus (who lives in Japan) is playing through Dokuro currently and will be posting a review when he finishes it.  I will be posting reviews of Pure Chess, MGS HD and Gravity Rush.  Otherwise the big project for the summer will remain getting videos up of PSP games and at some points i’m going to make another ode to the vita but this time with *just* Vita games.  And of course we will talk about the smaller PSN titles as they come out.  If they come out.

So that’s where we have been, that’s where we are going.  I want to personally thank each and every one of you guys who come to this site.  This site is a labor of love (and resume building) and the feedback keeps me refreshed and plowing ahead.  I am also doing a bi-weekly videoblog which is 50% videogames and 50% personal stuff.  I’m a heart on his sleeve kind of guy and I actually have a blog where I write about that crap and the Vlog is the one place where i’m allowing these two worlds to interesect.  If that interests you, please watch, if that sickens you, please skip it.  But in either case keep coming back to the site!  Follow us on twitter or facebook!  Tell your friends!  Post on reddit or neogaf or gamefaqs or whatever message boards.  That’s how we get the most hits. And beyond me wanting success for myself, if this site grows it will become a force that Sony will have to acknowledge.  If I can help give a voice to frustrated Vita fans that just want to feel HYPED about their system I will be a happy, happy man.


Pete Dodd

PS  There’s a younger gent from down under who is doing an amazing weekly PSVita weekly news update on YouTube.  Check it out and subscribe if you are so inclined.


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