Sony Remembers Vita Exists, Decides to Start Integrating PlayStation Plus

Originally Posted By Carlos Macias

Hey, did you hear about this? While we weren’t looking, apparently, Sony decided to start throwing Vita owners a bone and integrated PlayStation Plus benefits last week with slashed prices for Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Virtua Tennis 4, and Hustle Kings.

PlayStation Plus membership crossover is something that’s been requested since Vita’s launch in February and finally Sony came around to implementing it. It’s the small things like the occasional price cuts that have created a great value for loyal PlayStation owners and have made it exciting to follow PSN updates week to week on PS3.

And, while this editorial could have been written last week, I decided to give Sony a chance to impress me with continued PlayStation Plus goodies and to demonstrate how serious they are about said membership integration into the PS Vita’s digital offerings.

This week’s game updates to the Vita store front were Foosball 2012, Puddle, and…Canabalt?* Um, yeah, as Pete so aptly tweeted earlier in the week, those games aren’t exactly “barn burners,” but what’s interesting is that Foosball 2012, during its week of release, saw an immediate lowered price deal and that signifies good things to come, in my opinion, for future Vita digital releases.

While $2 may not seem like the biggest deal to the more affluent gamers out there, it’s sufficient enough for me to consider purchasing Foosball at $5.99 (against the regular $7.99) and even Hot Shots saw a significant enough price cut to $17 — cheaper than its going rate of $20 on Amazon.

The last couple weeks of updates hopefully foreshadows a Sony fully leveraging its online store to keep Vita owners glued to the system. One that quickly expands and gives way to more incredible downloadable games — especially since there’s little to be excited for retail-wise in the coming months.

The next big titles on the board are Sound Shapes on August 7th, at a discounted price for PS Plus members, and then…well, not much else until September with the likes of LittleBigPlanet and possibly PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Sony needs to pile on the temporary deals and entice Vita owners with downloadable titles during the summer lull with more than just quick and dirty “look at all these Rockstar games we managed to get on the PSP!” ports.

I’ve yet to be fully convinced, but here’s hoping that the coming weeks of downloadable Vita titles fulfill Sony’s “never stop playing” mantra and PlayStation Plus benefits are a great first step to that end.

*Yes, I know that Pete’s been playing the awesomeness that is Wizorb (originally available on Xbox Live Indie Games), but since it’s not on the store front ready for download — you have to use your PS3 to transfer the download to Vita — I disregarded it as an “official” Vita release. I’m hoping that it at least makes it over in less time than the Velocity minis game, which launched on PS3/PSP weeks ago!


One thought on “Sony Remembers Vita Exists, Decides to Start Integrating PlayStation Plus

  1. Sony has been pretty kind to Vita owners thus far with buy one/get both, Motorstorm for free, 3 free AR games and other such programs. But it’s been just absolutely flabbergasting that its taken this long for PS+ to show up and when it did it was with such little fanfare.

    Great article Carlos, and hopefully in 6 months we’ll look back at this and go “remember when there was no PLUS?!?? That sucked!”


    Also, Wizorb is the best game released this week. Transfer it from your PS3s, people!

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