Sound Shapes level creation contest for 8/15

Idea:  Comment below (you don’t even have to sign up, just put a name in the field) with a link to your Sound Shapes level and what name you want credited (your psn?  your real name?).   Camus and/or I will play them all and we will pick two winners.  Best music and best platforming.  On Wednesday, 8/15 we will post the winners – helping shine a spotlight on some.

Why Wednesday:  Because traffic for the site goes down on the weekend and we want the winners each week to get the most exposure possible.

So this is on-going:  Yes, totally.  I can’t say for how long, but for the forseeable future, yes.  And it will always be announced Wednesday night, unless madness strikes our personal lives.

What do you get:  Me?  Well, traffic I guess.  And an audience engaged with the site.  But really, this comes from personally having put an insane amount of time into building things in LBP, Modnation or even PC editors back in the day – so I know the frustration that comes from having something good that just isn’t getting exposure.  I also get to subtlety drop my own levels on the site with less guilt.

What do I get:  No prize, unfortunately, as we don’t even make money from this site (in fact it costs money, but boohoo another day).  What you will get is people playing your level, hopefully.  In July we had 10,000 visitors to the site, so the traffic will be there.  Lets see if people care enough to check out the winners.  There is the possibility that if this takes off we may do a PSN card prize for the overall winner for a set period of time.  But for now let’s just start with exposure…

What if this site sucks and the levels get no exposure:  Well, we tried.  Right?

What if it’s a huge success:  Everyone wins, and we will do the same for LBP-V.


Post below.  I understand the servers are down currently but I’m gonna go on the assumption that they will be fixed this weekend.  Crazy, I know…


16 thoughts on “Sound Shapes level creation contest for 8/15

  1. Me: topes521

    Level: Super Mario, is that you?

    Level: Aural (HARD!)

    Ok, so everybody & their mother makes a “Mario” level, & my first was no different. My second is a little different, starting to experiment a little with the music (the gameplay was a little rushed, making the level a bit hard). Much more to come, feel free to follow me both on SoundShapes & PS3/Vita, topes521 !


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